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مثبتات البراغي الكهربائية   الرقمية.   EDS     مثبتات البراغي الكهربائية الرقمية. EDS إدارة التطبيق سهلة بواسطة العرض الرقمي.
Pneumatic Nut Runner PDS
Pneumatic Nut Runner PDS

The pneumatic torque wrench works
independent from electrical power supplies
Power classes from 250 Nm to 14.000 Nm

Electric, pneumatic and battery powered torque wrenches

ITH develops, produces and distributes electric torque wrenches, battery powered torque wrenches and pneumatic torque wrenches: Find here the complete scope of ITH Nut Runner series, which is completed by the manual torque multiplier ITH nut runner type MDS. 
All ITH nut runners function according to the torque method, respectivly the torque angle method. The alpha version of the electric ITH nut runner type EDS is capable of the torque angle method.


Versions of the ITH Nut Runners


Extend your applications options with ITH nut runner accessories


Calibration and testing of Nut Runners on site

  • الفحص والتحكم بقيم قوة عزم الدوران اثناء عمليات التثبيت بمفاتيح مثبتات البراغي من ITH. توثيق قراءات قوة عزم الدوران بواسطة جهاز قياس عزم الدوران الذي يعمل ببطارية.

ITH Nut Runners: Certified quality and precision

ITH is a developer, producer and distributor of electric torque wrenches, battery-run torque wrenches and pneumatic torque wrenches: The ITH Nut Runner series.

All ITH nut runners are calibrated before initial delivery and at each maintenance interval on the torque and torque angle testing stations. These ITH testing stations are certified by the strict regulation of the German Accreditation Body DAkkS (formerly DKD - German Calibration Service). All customers receive a test certificate including all measured data with the tool at the initial delivery.

ITH additionally offers fast and convenient on-site nut runner testing and calibration with the ITH mobile testing devices.

ITH is a certified producer of nut runners
ITH is certified by the German accriditation body DAkkS

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