Fastest torqing with the torque system x Fastest torqing with the torque system x

Fastest dual-hose system: Hydraulic Torque Wrench type CX together with the ITH Hydro-DAX 18

ITH Hydro-DAX 21 ITH Hydro-DAX 21

The most powerful dual-hose electric unit for  fastest torqueing procedures

ITH Hydro-DAX 18
ITH Hydro-DAX 18

Basic electronic pump
for service jobs
fast bolting procedures

ITH Aero-DAX 19
ITH Aero-DAX 19

Pneumatic pump
independent from electric power supplies
for fast torquing procedures

Hydraulic pump series for the single hose system
Hydraulic pump series for the single hose system

Electric, pneumatic and manual pumps for hydraulic torque wrenches, single-hose system

High-pressure hydraulic pumps for Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Hydraulic pumps dual-hose system

Compatible to all ITH Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, most efficient use of integrated high-flow technology with all dual hose torque wrenches.



Hydraulic pumps single-hose system

Compatible to all single-hose Hydraulic Torque Wrenches type DKS und type DRS.


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