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ITH – global leading system supplier in bolting technology


ITH is the global leading system supplier for bolting technology from M16 upwards. Our range of services includes the development, production and distribution of bolting tools for industrial bolted joints. As a complete system supplier, we also offer fasteners, engineering services and comprehensive service.

Know-how – since 1979

The company was founded in 1979 by Hans Hohmann as Industrie-Technische Konstruktionen Hohmann (ITH for short) at its current headquarters in Meschede. The first product developed and marketed was the ITH bolt tensioning cylinder, which is based on the hydraulic, friction- and torsion-free pretensioning of bolts by purely axial lengthening of the bolt. To this day, the bolt tensioning cylinder is one of the most precise bolt tensioning tools on the market.

The family business is already owner-managed in the second generation. The CEOs Frank and Jörg Hohmann developed the tool business into the versatile and global leading system supplier in bolting technology that the company is today.


ITH worldwide


ITH has 12 subsidiaries in: Spain, France, England, Japan, China, Malaysia, India, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Brazil and the USA.

With a total of over 40 global locations, ITH guarantees customer proximity and fast service worldwide.

ITH weltweit

ITH Connects - ITH Engineering Company Inc., USA

ITH Connects - ITH Bolting Technology United Kingdom




ITH has been setting quality standards since 1995 - as a pioneer on the market

All work processes in the company are fully geared to the requirements of the customer and are subject to specified quality management guidelines. ITH was the first company in the market to be certified according to the strict quality standards of DIN ISO 9001 as early as 1995. The certification includes, among other things:

> Development
> Production
> Distribution
> Maintenance of bolting tools and their accessories

UL Registered

Market and industry leaders trust ITH

Our uncompromising commitment to quality in every area of work, to high-quality products and services remains. Likewise, our production operates in accordance with the environmental management guideline ISO 14 001. All phases of the production process - from the testing of raw materials to manufacturing and final inspection - are carried out at our headquarters in Meschede, enabling seamless documentation and the highest quality. This production depth of over 90%, which is unique in the market, enables us to react flexibly and quickly to enquiries, as high availability of components is guaranteed. The worldwide distribution network guarantees local customer proximity and fast service. ITH business partners - including numerous global market and industry leaders - trust the quality and technical know-how of ITH.

Innovative capability for customer benefit

Internationale Patente
  • Over 200 national and international patents testify to ITH's technical competence
  • Numerous customer and industry solutions implemented by ITH are now technical standard
  • The knowledge and experience of more than 40 years in bolting technology is continuously invested in innovations

The claim within the innovation process: Development of the technically most efficient solution for the economic benefit of the business partner.


Social commitment


ITH Bolting Technology is committed to the region of South Westphalia in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia and to the location of Meschede. With our commitment - largely in the areas of education and sport - we would like to make active contributions to social coexistence in the region of South Westphalia and in Meschede.

Both the management and the staff also attach great importance to regularly donating to social projects. For example, every year at Christmas time, donations are collected for the campaign "Lichtblicke".

ITH supports education

We are convinced that education is a valuable asset to ensure success and sustainable prosperity in society. That is why we support local and regional educational institutions, among other things through the targeted promotion of STEM subjects or through productive cooperation with schools ("Girls Day", "Management AG", etc.), in order to be helpful to students in their career orientation. ITH regularly participates in the "Berufsinformationsbörse" (career information exchange) in Meschede.

Girls Day bei ITH
ITH spendet


Sport is healthy and increases general physical well-being. Therefore, the company promotes the sporting commitment of its employees, for example with regular participation in the "Company's Cup" or the "Mescheder Firmenlauf". Furthermore, the company ITH supports the "ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon" as co-organizer and main sponsor, as well as several sports clubs in training the youth.

Systemlieferant in der Schraubtechnik

Contact your local person in charge

Contact ITH for a free consultation regarding bolting tools, fasteners or service in bolting technology

Use the ITH global network to find your local person in charge.

Objective technical advice

Being a whole system supplier we are not determined to one specific bolting method - Therefore we advise you objectively and offer the best technical and cost-effective solution.

Contact us for a free consultation

Contact us on any questions regarding your bolt connection or for any technical questions. We advise you free of charge and offer a free on-site inspection.


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