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In memory of Johannes Hohmann

ITH Bolting Technology is mourning the loss of company founder Johannes “Hans” Hohmann



Meschede | Germany 

Johannes – called Hans – Hohmann founded the company ITH Bolting Technology in 1979 in the cellar of his apartment in Meschede with nothing more than a single lathe machine. But he had a vision: The “Bolt Tensioning Cylinder” which is based on the method of “hydraulic, friction-free and torsion-free tensioning” – a revolutionary and new innovation at that time.

From then on Hans Hohmann followed his vision with unique passion, enormous drive and endurance. His creative inventiveness and curiosity combined with special technical talent made him a role model of a “German Engineer”.
His technical focus and pragmatism is also reflected in the company’s name: ITH stands for Industrial-Technical Engineering Hohmann (“Industrie-Technische Konstruktionen Hohmann”).
The well being of his employees was always important to Hans Hohmann – especially education and development of young talents inside of the company and beyond. This is the reason why he was involved in many different roles in society:

Hans Hohmann founded a career-expo for job seekers in Meschede (“BerufsInfoBörse (BIB)”) and the Association of Entrepreneurs Meschede (“Interessengemeinschaft Mescheder Wirtschaft e.V.” (IMV)). Furthermore, he contributed to many educational and sports initiatives in Meschede and the surrounding area.

Like no other, Hans Hohmann coined the early beginnings of ITH Bolting Technology and laid the foundation for what it is now a global acting family-run company. In the second generation his sons Frank Hohmann and Jörg Hohmann developed the company to the global leading system supplier in bolting technology that it is today.

Life, work and achievements of Johannes “Hans” Hohmann will never be forgotten. His thoughts, his vision and his attitude are fundamental for the innovative ITH solutions and products of today and the future.

In greatest respect and in deep thankfulness.
May he rest in peace.

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