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3rd Bolt Connection Conference 2019

3rd Bolt Connection Conference 2019 - program and application


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The 3rd Bolt Connection Conference gives answers to key questions in bolting technology for bolts bigger than M20:

  • Which general trends will lead the market of bolting technology bigger than M20 in future?
  • Which technical innovations lead to a bolted connection which is permanently safe, technically efficient but also cost-effective? 

Take your benefit from new knowledge in bolting technology. As the number of participants is limited we recommend to get your application soon. 

The 2. Bolt Connection Conference 2014 was well received.

Identify key factors and take your benefit

When discussing key questions certain key factors can be identified: design, assembly process, quality management and maintenance. According to these key factors well-known speakers deliver their lectures:

  • Design: Preload calculation, parameters of fatigue strength, design of slewing bearings
  • Assembly: Safe assembly according to VDI 2230, part 3
  • Quality management: corrosion protection, application of digital measurement systems. Concept „Intelligent Bolting Tool“. Analysis of measurement values
  • Maintenance: Concept „Maintenance Free Bolt Connection“ and its potential for reducing total costs significantly, influence factors and in-field application. 

Combining certain key factors offers enormous potential which can be learned from two best-practices from wind turbine industry and slewing bearing industry. The best cases also show the application of the fundamental bolting guidelines VDI 2230 for engineering and Eurocode 3 for steel constructions.

The practical part „Hands on Tools“ gives participants an overview of current bolting tools and measurement technology plus leading future innovations.

South Westfalia University of Applied Siences in Meschede will be offering the venue.

ITH Bolting Technology is organiser of the Bolt Connection Conference in cooperation with the Southwestphalia University of Applied Sciences in Meschede, Germany.

South Westfalia University of Applied Siences in Meschede is a co-organizer.

Theory and practice effectively combined

Combine theory and practice effectively and visit the extra day “Hands on tools” where we demonstrate the latest innovations in bolting technology.

Target groups & conference language

The conference offers valuable information for every professional who deals with the design or the use of bolt connections bigger than M20 (3/4’’). This could be engineers, technical advisors, project engineers and technical deciders who are working in sectors like technical design, research & development as well as quality or project management.

The conference language is German, some lectures will be held in English. We offer a service for simultaneous translation from German into English. If you like to use the service, please let us know during your application.

Efficient bolt connections

Being the worldwide leading system supplier in bolting technology it is the approach of ITH to give participants additional values by mediating new technical knowledge. This approach follows the ITH motto: 

  • Technical efficient bolt connections must lead to economical benefits for business partners. 

Program and application download

3rd Bolt Connection Conference program and application

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  • Maintenance free bolt connections on wind turbines: The innovative IHF Fastener system substitues conventional bolt connections.
  • The competence center of bolting technology: Development of industry-specific or customer-specific bolting solutions, engineering services and dvelopment of new standards by innovation and quality.
  • Overview all ITH tension and torque tools for tightening and loosening industrial bolt connections from M16 (5/8") and up: Bolt tensioning cylinders, hydraulic torque wrenches, electric and pneumatic nut runners, high pressure pumps, digital control systems and more.

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