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ITH develops solutions

ITH solutions in challenging times


Responsibilty, flexibility as well as solution-focussed and customer-focussed actions contribute to mastering challenging times like these. We are there for you and offer support.


Dear employees, customers, partners and suppliers,

globally we are a facing a chellanging situation regarding the Corona pandemic . 

When we stand together as a global society and community, we will stand and overcome this situatiuon.  We will stand together with all employees,  together will all partners and suppliers and togehter with our customers worldwide.

All taken actions at ITH in these times are based on considering three key values:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Flexibility
  3. Solution-focussed and customer-focussed thinking



  1. The health protection of ITH employees and all people in our global society has the highest priority. Under this priority ITH has started to take several actions weeks ago to promote health protection and keep business procedures running as good as possible. All actions were based on governmental advices and regulations.
  2. The ITH Task Force constantly monitors the dynamic of this extraordinary situation, re-evaluates and takes further actions if necessary.



  1. All departments are split up into teams of 50 / 50: Production departments work in shifts, administration departments preferrably work from home.  By these and many more actions the production runs without bigger interferances. Supply chains are assessed to be in tact.   Additionally ITH has large storage capacities which offer flexibility.
  2. Running orders are produced as usual and are processed to be ready for shipment.

We would like to thank all employees for their will and encouragement to adapt to  new safety rules and working environments. This significantly contributes positively to deal with the situation. 


Solution-focussed and customer-focussed thinking

  1. Bolting tool rental: ITH offers fast rental services for bolting tools and related equipment
  2. Bolting tool maintenance and calibration:  tools and equipment can be tested and  certified -- optionally on-site by mobile ITH Service Vans or ITH Calibration Centers. These units run independently,  no entrance to facilities required.
  3. Bolting tool demo: demos can be performed by video conferences if necessary.
  4. Individual customer solutions: Depending on your situation, ITH develops solutions in terms of technical, organisational or other questions.  Get in contact with your local person  in charge, wich are  available as usual and offer support.

By cooperation in teams, by cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers and by acting solidaric in our global society we will  stand and overcome this situation. 

We are there for you to offer support.

We wish you and your relatives to stay healthy and to stay strong.

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Hohmann and Dipl. -Ing. Jörg Hohmann
Presidents of ITH Bolting Technology Germany


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