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Die drei ITH Staffeln

14. ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon again a complete success



The 14th ITH Hennesee Triathlon in Mielinghauser Bucht was a successful event for participants, spectators and organisers. Around 320 sports enthusiasts from all over Germany put their skills to the test in the three triathlon disciplines, swimming, cycling and running, last weekend.

In bright sunshine, the sporting day started with the school triathlon under the cheers of the numerous visitors. Louis Hoffmann (boys, 19:33 min.) and Klara Elea Stute (girls, 20:07 min.) won over a distance of 200 m swimming, 5 km cycling and a subsequent 1000 m run. ITH congratulates all the other students - keep up the good work!

At 12 noon, the participants of the Olympic distance started with the 1.5 km swim, at a water temperature of around 21° Celsius. Afterwards, 44 km of cycling and a 10 km run along the Hennesee were on the programme.
Konrad Frischkorn (men, 2:13:54h) and Celina Albanus (women, 2:41:33h) were the winners of this distance. Konrad even set a new course record and was allowed to take home the ITH Bolting Cup challenge cup as a trophy.

Hat den Streckenrekord geknackt: Konrad Frischkorn
Schwimmer im Hennesee

The people's triathlon and the relay started at around 1 pm. After the 500 m swim, the athletes had to complete a 20 km bike course, which was also challenging, and a 5 km run. Here Malte Baehr (men, 1:00:19h), Greta Kloppenburg (women, 1:11:11h) as well as the relay team "Back in Shape" with Bastian Drees, Stefan Brambring and David Wetzel (1:01:01h) were victorious.

With 200 m swimming, 20 km cycling and 5 km running, the participants in the sprint distance were the last to take to the course shortly after 1 pm. This discipline was won by Robin-Tobias Stadler (men, 1:05:14h) and Marie Graf (women, 1:17:24h).

ITH as the main sponsor was also represented among the triathletes again this year. The two ITH managing directors Frank and Jörg Hohmann were active as swimmers for two relay teams. Fabian Villmer and Johanna Hellermann supported Frank Hohmann's relay team, Michael Malaschenko and Velican Polat Jörg Hohmann's relay team as cyclists and runners. The third ITH relay team was made up of Jan Stähler, Jan-Niklas Teutenberg and Robin Schneider from the electronics department. Marcel Stevenson Silva, like his son, started in the popular distance and completed all three disciplines in 1:43:12h. Marcel's daughter also competed in the school triathlon. Adrian Peters, apprentice industrial clerk at ITH, competed in the sprint distance and completed all disciplines in around 1:37h. "We are very proud to have been actively involved in the Hennesee Triathlon again this year with so many participants from our own company" said Frank and Jörg Hohmann.

Of course, the word "safety" was also emphasised this year. Around 100 volunteers, including 20 ITH trainees from all years, were actively involved. More than 60 marshals secured the bike course. The transition zones and the pedestrian crossings along the course were also professionally cordoned off and supervised. The DLRG was again on duty with boats, paddleboards, divers and swimmers to provide security in the water.

ITH Managing Director Frank Hohmann also praised: "What is planned and implemented here is simply beautiful. Also a big thank you to all the volunteers and the co-organisers from Meschede town marketing, TriFun Hennesee, ITH and the entire town of Meschede. Without this commitment and the support of the numerous sponsors, such an event could not be managed and become a highlight for many athletes. Thank you very much!".


Here are a few impressions of the 14th ITH Hennesee Triathlon



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