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Environmental certification successfully achieved for ITH and IHF



For decades, the decision-making processes of ITH Schraubtechnik have been designed to protect the environment as well as resources and to avoid CO2 emissions. For this purpose, environmental guidelines have been drawn up by the management in the past. In order to raise the existing environmental processes and normative guidelines to an international standard, they have now been certified by an independent company according to the environmental management guideline ISO 14001. The objective was to gear the processes in all core areas to environmental and resource protection and the avoidance of CO2 emissions. Individual departments had already been working according to this guideline for years. The certification also applies to the subsidiary IHF - Industrial Highloaded Fasteners.

As part of the certification process, on-site audits were carried out, guidelines and measures were assessed and employees were questioned in detail. "Special thanks are due to all employees, in particular to our quality management team, which prepared and accompanied the entire certification process" emphasises CEO Jörg Hohmann.

Environmental activities have always been carried out sustainably by ITH. For example, a photovoltaic system was commissioned in May 2019, fitting with the company's 40th anniversary. In addition, the entire ITH building is heated by 30 geothermal boreholes and as well cooled in summer. The seven in-house charging stations for e-cars also contribute to climate neutrality.


About ITH Bolting Technology

ITH Bolting Technology is the global leading system supplier in industrial bolting with 4 key sectors:

1. high-quality bolting tools,
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4. qualified Service.

As a private-owned engineering company with a long-term business-strategy, the worldwide network includes 12 ITH-subsidiaries and more than 40 global representations.
With more than 200 international patents, ITH is among the most important drivers of innovation in bolting technology.

Führender Systemlieferant in der Schraubtechnik mit Schraubwerkzeugen, Engineering, Verbindungselementen und Service.

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