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New apprentices 2023

ITH welcomes 15 new apprentices



This year ITH Schraubtechnik welcomes 15 new committed apprentices in a total of nine professional fields. This year, ITH's comprehensive range of apprenticeships is being expanded to include training as a media designer. This will give young talents the diverse opportunity to develop their careers. "Even after decades of experience in training young talents, we are pleased to continuously expand our training repertoire. Along with other factors, this is a basic element for a successful future," emphasises CEO Frank Hohmann.

The following have started their training at ITH: Marlon Amthauer, Greta Hein, Elisa Linke and Friedrich Wischer as industrial clerks, Leon Hoffmann as IT specialist for system integration, Amelie Muraca as technical product designer, Adar Sevindi, Anton Hepner, Jonathan Golikhoff, Philipp Droste and Leon Habibullin as cutting machine operators, Jan Dickes as mechatronics technician, Johann Röhrig as electronics technician, Michael Kliewer as warehouse logistics specialist, and Patrick Stange as media designer.

All colleagues are looking forward to working together - welcome to the team!


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