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The ITH Bolting Cup goes to Tobias Henne
The ITH Bolting Cup goes to Tobias Henne

7th ITH Hennesee Triathlon 2014 ends with new track record

7th ITH Hennesee Triathlon 2014 ending with new track record


The 7th ITH Hennesee Triathlon 2014 ended with a new track record achieved by Tobias Henne. The new champion is now the owner of the much desired winner's trophy "ITH Bolting Cup". More than 300 athletes participated in the established sport event. As the organisation is well recognized, the ITH Hennesee Triathlon will be receiving an official recommendation from the regional triathlon association NRWTV.

Meschede / Hennesee / Germany.

„Athletes, spectators and the official referees – we received positive feedback from all sides", summarised a happy ITH Germany general manager Frank Hohmann. "We are happy our organisation including all safety issues was well recognized. It turned out to be a fantastic event for everybody". 

The ITH Bolting Cup has a new owner

A new track record was achieved by Tobias Henne, member of the "TriTeam" based in Fuldatal. He has beaten the old record from 2012 accomplishing the olympic discipline (1,4 km swimming, 44 km cycling, 10 km running) with a total time of 02:15:45. This means the admired winner's trophy, ITH Bolting Cup has a new owner in Tobias Henne.

„Compared to 2012 the cycling track is even longer now because we had to extend it a little due to better organisation", Jörg Brower explained, who belongs to the co-organising Meschede triathlon club "TriFun Hennesee". "This makes the winner's performance even more remarkable".

ITH Team "Superbolts" finishes respectable

The fastest women among all athletes was Anja Flöter (TV Flerke Tri Team) with a total time of 02:47:28 in the olympic discipline. The team discipline, where three athletes share 0,7 km swimming, 22 km cycling and 5 km running, was won by the "RC Sorpesee" with 01:03:17.

The ITH triathlon team "ITH Superbolts" - consisting of ITH general manager Jörg Hohmann, Dominik Lange and Andreas Knoche - reached the goalline in a respectable 10th position with 01:22:14.

ITH Hennesee Triathlon team ITH Superbolts

Athletes appriciate the hillsides and the closed-for-cars cycling track

In total the ITH Hennesee Triathlon was joined by 20 kids, 131 every man's distance athletes, 86 olympic discipline starters and 72 team event athletes.

The triathletes came from all over Germany: from Hamburg in the north to Rosenheim in the south. The longest journey had one athlete from Belgium.

„We are happy about the positive response", Christoph Hermes who belongs to the co-organising Meschede city marketing. "We can tell we are well established". 

Stefan Hilger from the local triathlon club TriFun Hennesee adds: "We define over quality, not necessarily over the number of athletes. Our participants love the mountains in our beautiful coutryside and that we have the cycling track closed for public traffic during the event. Not every triathlon does that, but safety is an important factor in our planings".



ITH Bolting Cup

Modern Design

The ITH Bolting Cup is a challenge cup and was designed and produced by ITH Bolting Technolgy.
It features an outstanding and modern design wich represents the ITH business: Bolting tools for tightening and loosening bolted joints bigger than M16 (2/8'').

The first Bolting Cup was challanged in 2004. Since that time ITH continously supports both sport and education activities regulary to commit to society.

Find pictures of the Triathlon

Find a picture slide show on the official triathlon website (German language only)

Visit the triathlon's Facebook page

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Official recommendation is impended

"As a company we are continously supporting both public areas education and sport", ITH Germany general manager Jörg Hohmann explains the ITH engagement for the ITH Hennesee Triathlon. "We would like to thank all active helpers and assistants, all athletes and organisations which made this event happening so wonderful".

One positive final conclusion came from the official referees of the regional triathlon organisation NRWTV: "This is a wonderful triathlon. We would be happy to join next year. We will recommend the ITH Hennesee Triathlon to be an official event of the German national triathlon league".

The organisation team of the  ITH-Hennesee-Triathlons consists of:

  • ITH Bolting Technology (also the main sponsor)
  • Meschede city marketing (official host)
  • Meschede triathlon club TriFun Hennesee

Find out more about ITH Bolting Technolgy

  • The ITH business activities are design, production, and sales of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric bolt tensioning tools for tightening and loosening industrial bolt connections from M16 (5/8") and up.
  • ITH continuously supports education and sports activities to contribute to society.
  • As a medium-sized family business in its second generation, ITH stands for sustainability, continuous development, high technical quality and customization (customer focus). Join our team.

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