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8th ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon 2015 welcomes international starters from England


While the latest preparations for the 8th ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon on Sat., 23rd June 2015 are taking shape, some international competition from England has been announced: The Meschede-born Margret Hutchings from Louth in England will take part and looks forward to a very special reunion with her granddaughter in her former hometown Meschede, Germany.

Meschede, Germany.

Margret Hutchings (47), maiden name Donner, and her husband of 20 years Sean Hutchings (45) have first met in Soest, Germany, when Sean worked for the military. They are now living in Louth, Lincolnshire, England which is about two hours west from Manchester.


Welcome back in Meschede!

“I’m a triathlete since three years”, Margret Hutchings explains enthusiastically. Meanwhile she is also a coach for the local “Louth Triathlon Club”. “But only for level 1”, she adds quickly. 

On their journey to Germany Margret and Sean will be joined by their friends Steve Hunt (51) and Jo Hunt (45) from the Louth Triathlon Club. They all will take part in the olympic distance where 1,4 km swim, 44 km cycle and a 10 km run in the hilly countryside around the Hennesee are waiting for them.

Prescious dream comes true

„Triathlons in England are big events for the whole family”, Margret Hutchings says. “And I always dreamed about my little granddaughter Lilly cheering for me when I run across the finishing line”. That was her motivation to take part at the 8th ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon and now she makes this precious dream come true. Her son Mike Hutchings – who lives near Cologne in Germany – will travel to Meschede to support his mother and father together with Lilly, who is now two years old.

Familiar character of the ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon persists

The hole organisation team is happy about our guests from England. We always focused on the family friendly atmosphere of the ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon”, explains Frank Hohmann, who is the general manager of the company, ITH Bolting Technology, which sponsors and co-organizes the triathlon. 

The organisation team is happy to welcome international guests: Frank Hohmann, Dietmar Blume, Alexander Brockhoff, Christoph Hermes, Stefan Hilger, Jörg Hohmann und Jörg Brouwer (left to right).

Not a league competition - an everyone's triathlon

“For example, our children triathlon is an established part of the schedule and well attended. Additionally our team of organizers decided it should not be an official event for the qualifying for the German Triathlon League which keeps out some of the very, very ambitious athletes”.

Jörg Brouwer, who is the president of the local triathlon club in MeschedeTriFun Hennesee” adds: "It has been and will always will be an everyone’s triathlon. To have fun doing this sport is our main target”.




ITH Triathlon Team

ITH Triathlon Team

Will be starting again: The ITH Triathlon Team "ITH Superbolts" with Andreas Knoche, ITH general manager  Jörg Hohmann and Dominik Lange (left to right).


ITH Bolting Cup (German language only)

ITH Bolting Cup

The ITH Bolting Cup is a challenge cup and was designed and produced by ITH Bolting Technolgy.
It features an outstanding and modern design wich represents the ITH business: Bolting tools for tightening and loosening bolted joints bigger than M16 (2/8'').


Official Website (German language only)

ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon website

ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon on Facebook

ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon auf Facebook

Application: Get your latest starter tickets

Contact ITH for international applications of the ITH-Hennesee-Triathlons

Although the attendance up to now is very good, there are still some starter tickets left for all events:

  • Olympic distance 
  • Everyone's distance (Sprint Triathlon)
  • Team distance (Sprint Relay Trithlon)
  • Childen's triathlon

If you are not from Germany ITH  Bolting Technology helps you with  application. Write an email to:

  • Person in charge:
    Mr. Sebastian Jütte
    Remark "Triathlon"

For ITH business partners there  are  extra tickets reserved!

Safety first: Cycling track is closed for public traffic

Next to the family friendly atmosphere, safety is another main issue for the organizers. That is why – like in the past years – the road of the cycling track will be closed for public traffic during the event. 

“All the neighbors of the track including the camp site have received information about this during the Easter holidays”, Christoph Hermes explains, who works for the local Meschede town marketing.

Organisation team

The organisation team of the 8th  ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon:

  • ITH Bolting Technology  (also main sponsor)
  • Meschede town marketing
  • Meschede triathlon club TriFun Hennesee e.V.

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