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Such much excitement came from the kids during the 8th ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon 2015

8th ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon 2015 ending succesfully


Meschede, Germany. Even a short rain shower could not stop more than 300 athletes at the 8th ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon: Numerous spectators saw exciting competitions in the water, on the challanging cycling track through the hilly Meschede countryside and on the running track along lake Hennesee.

Scenes from the triathlon in the picture slideshow


Team event: ITH-teams finish respectably

Frank Hohmann (left) and Jörg Hohmann (right) congratulate the winner teams of the team event.

For the first  time company ITH Bolting Technology - who are co-organizers and main  sponsors - took part of the event with two teams.  They startet  in the team event (distance covered 700 m  swimming, 20 km cycling, 5 km running), where the athletes share their efforts.

The ITH-internal competition was won by team 1  with ITH general manager Jörg Hohmann (swimming), Andreas Knoche (cycling) and Velican Polat (running).  Their total time of 1:16:51  was enough to secure a  6th place  in  total ranking.

For team 2 the time stopped at 1:24:53 which was enough to finish on a respectable 10th place for ITH general manager Frank Hohmann (swimming), Ralf Kyewski (cycling) and Henrik Heinemann (running).  

The top position 1 of the team event was reached by team "Dicke Sauerländer" with 1:08:33, followed by "AEG PS Team 1" and "Tri-Coppies" from Warstein.


Hobby athletes competing with professionals

Triathlon professionals: Just after switching onto the bike David Wetzel (right) was just in front of Maurice Wiegelmann (middle).

Being a hobby athlete - even if you're very ambitious - you normally  do not get the chance to compete with professionals. But the 8th ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon gave this opportunity: 

In the  speed distance, single starters (700 m swimming, 20 km cycling, 5 km running),  local triahtletes David Wetzel from Meschede and Maurice Wiegelmann from Olsberg were among the startes. Both  regularly  start in the 2nd German triathlon devision ("2. Bundesliga") - David for TRC Essen and Maurice for DSW Darmstadt.

The two local heroes were only beaten by winner  Thomas Schulte from DLC Aachen and his great total time of 1:03:55.

Speed distance, winners women: 1. Nora Henke, 2. Kathrin Quast (not in the picture), 3. Diana Peters. Men's winners: 1. Thomas Schulte, 2. David Wetzel, 3. Maurice Wiegelmann. ITH general managers Frank Hohmann (left) and Jörg Hohmann (right) congratulate.

The women's winners in the speed distance:

  1. Nora Honke (DLC Aachen) 
  2. Kathrin Quast (SG Wenden, not in the picture above)
  3. Diana Peters (Tritus SV Neptun Neheim-Hüsten). 

In total there were more than 110 athletes taking part in the speed distance, which can be performed by any trained sportsmen ("everone's distance").

Olympic distance: track-record remains unbeaten

The winner's of the olympic distance.

The "Olympic distance" covers  1,4 km of swimming, 50 km of cycling, and 10 km of running.  The women  showed a  thrilling and close head-to-head race, while Sonja Hissmann  stayed in front after  the cycling course.

The women's standings:

  1. Sonja Hissmann (1. Tri-Club Paderborn, 3:01:40)
  2.  Gudrun Kraus (ASC Ahlen, 3:02:54)
  3. Frederike Vollbach (TSC Essen 84, 3:04:16) 

The men's standings:

  1. Christian Maul (Ejot Team TV Buschhütten) 
  2. Thorsten Funke (KSV Kassel) 
  3. Christian Tertesse (TSVE Bielefeld)

Winner Christian Maul showed a great performance ending with 2:25:03. He was the fastest athlete during running and on the bike in the whole field and his success was well deserved. 

Never the less he could not reach the track record set up by Tobias Henne in 2014 with 2:15:45. That is why the winner's trophy, the ITH Bolting Cup, stayed in Meschede for this time.

Winner's trophy: The ITH Bolting Cup

The modern design of the ITH Bolting Cup is a symbol of the field of company ITH Bolting Technology: A bolted joint.

The ITH Bolting Cup is a challenge cup and was designed and produced by ITH Bolting Technolgy.
It features high-quality materials as well as an outstanding and modern design which represents the ITH business: bolting tools for tightening and loosening bolted joints bigger than M16 (2/8'').


It's all about fun for the kids

Every kid received a winner's medal and a winner's certificate

Obviously the kids had much fun performing the "kid's triathlon" which is an integral part of ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon since some years. After 40 m of swimming, 1,5 km of cycling and 400 m of running Ronja Hesse (TV Attendorn tritime) finished first after 8:17 minutes. Ronja was followed by Olivia Riemer (SSC Hochdahl) and Lena Hermes (TriFun Hennesee).

The first boy who reached the goalline was Ole Bieker (Tri-AS Hamm), followed by Malte Morgenroth (TuS Elmerborg Altenbühren) and Tim Krüll (SV Neptun 1987 e.V. Kreefeld).

Louth Triathlon Club from England had the longest journey

Margret and Sean Hutchings just before the start.

This year's ITH-Hennesee-Triahlon was probalby most expected by the English Margret Hutchings, Sean Hutchings, Joanne Hunt and Steven Hunt from the Louth Triathlon Club in England. They travelled from Louth, which is  close to Manchester in England.

The Meschede-born Margret Hutchings celebrated a big welcome with good old friends  from Germany,  whom she had not seen for  years.  "In England we also have some hills to cycle up and down - but not  so many hills one after another", she laughed . "It was a great event for us".

Read the whole story  in our 8th ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon preview.

Positive feedback from athletes and officials

The organizer's team  -  consisting of ITH Bolting Technology, Meschede town markeing and triathlon club TriFun Hennesee - were happy to receive much positive feedback after the event.

„Thanks to everbody, who makes this wondeful event happen", said ITH Germany general manager Frank Hohmann, who runs the company together with his brother Jörg Hohmann. „The feedback from the athletes and from the official referees tells us, that the ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon is something special. Everybody involved gives body and soul to it and this is well appreciated. We want to keep up this passion for further years".


Facts & figures of the 8th ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon 2015

Results in detail


Further pictures of the triathlon

See the picture slideshow of the 8th ITH-Hennesee-Triathlon 2015

Thanks to Horst Bornemann  for the great pictures!

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