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A view inside of the new factory 'ITH 2016' in Meschede, Germany.

ITH Bolting Technology moves to new headquarter


After intensive plannings, short construction works and a logistic masterpiece it is now all set: ITH Bolting Technology moves to a new headquarter "ITH 2016" in Meschede, Germany. Factory “ITH 2016” will be one of the world’s biggest competence centers for development, production, distribution and service of industrial bolting tools and innovative bolting solutions.


The move   to the only 1.4 km (0.86 miles) away new headquarter in Meschede  will be performed by the end of the year 2015.  

  • During planning the new facility a lot of internal processes were optimized and a new logistic center was implemented to ensure we keep highest product quality and provide even better business processes for our business partners.
  • Both production  and administration areas have been expanded significantly.  As there were no options to expand in the immediate surroundings of the current facility, the decision for a new building was necessary. 
  • Another major issue was to invest into an attractive working environment: Due to bright LED-technology and large windows for natural light the shop floor area is appr. 30 % lighter now. Special sound absorbing materials have been used to reduce sound emissions significantly.  
  • Take a look at the slide show below

Steel I-beam bolts were tightened with ITH Battery Nut Runner Type ADS simple

During erecting the new facility ITH Bolting Tools were used. The steel I-beams of the steel construction of the production were bolted quickly and precisely with ITH Battery Torque Wrenches for service jobs, the ITH Battery Nut Runner type ADS simple (max. 4.000 Nm; 2.950 ft·lb). 

The application was a HV-standard bolt connection M27 (approx. 1 1/16”), 1.650 Nm (1.220 ft·lb).

Save the new adress of ITH Germany from January 2016

Please consider the new billing and shipment address of ITH Bolting Technology in Germany from January 2016:

  • ITH GmbH & Co. KG
    Steinwiese 8
    Postbox 1365
    59872 Meschede

For postal deliveries to the old address a redirection service will be installed. All existing phone numbers of ITH Germany  remain the same.


Looking forward to future cooperation with you

We would like to thank you for the good cooperation in 2015 and for the trust you have placed in ITH Bolting Technology! With our new factory "ITH 2016" we are convinced to have a strong foundation to  expanding our good business relationship in 2016 and the further years to come!

We wish you and your family luck, health and success for the year 2016!

Your global team of ITH Bolting Technology


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