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ITH Bolting Technology visits parliamentary community in Berlin


Berlin | Meschede. ITH Bolting Technology took part of the 41st summer fest of the parlamentary "Working Committee for Middle-sized Enterprises" in Berlin. German chancellor Angela Merkel opened the fest and underlined the importance of small and middle-sized enterprises in Germany ("German Mittelstand").

"German Mittelstand": The spine of German economy

Small and middle-sized  enterprises in Germany ("German Mittelstand") are often considered as the spine of German  economy. In 2012 these often family-owned and export-orientated companies < 500 employes have been respsonsibly for  56,5 % of the total German economic output (199,0 Billion Euros). Round about 16 Million people are employed in these companies.


During her opening speech German Chancellor Angla Merkel underlined her commitment to continue to support the German Mittelstand. Promoting the interests of the German Mittelstand on federal level is also the goal of the "Working Comitee for Middle-sized Enterprises".

ITH Bolting Technology was invited by Parliament member Patrick Sensburg

Every year just befor the big summer break of the German Parliament ("Bundestag")  the Working Commitee of  Middle-sized Enterprises  invites companies  for their big summer fest.  The Parliament members usually pick companies from their home  district and this year  Prof. Dr. Patrick Sensburg invitied ITH Bolting Technology. In total over 2,000 guests joined the fest in the garden of  the Kronprinzenpalais ("Crown Prince's Palace") in Berlin.

ITH Germany General Manager Frank Hohmann and Sebastian Jütte -  who  filled in for ITH General Manager Jörg Hohmann - took the chance  to  cultivate  existing relations and open up new contacts to the deciders of German companies. 

"The summer fest was well organized and all the discussions  were very  revealing and interesting", ITH General Manager Frank Hohmann summed up. "I'd like to thank Patrick Sensburg for this chance to take part. We will keep up the good work in future".

Fotos made by:  Alexander Herold, Christian Lietzmann und Caroline Bernhardt.

Find more pictures of the 41st PKM Sommerfest 2015 in Berlin

More about the company ITH Bolting Technology

  • The ITH business activities are design, production, and sales of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric bolt tensioning tools for tightening and loosening industrial bolt connections from M16 (5/8") and up.
  • As a medium-sized family business in its second generation, ITH stands for sustainability, continuous development, high technical quality and customization (customer focus). Join our team.
  • ITH continuously supports education and sports activities to contribute to society.

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