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2nd Bolt Connection Conference 2014


Topics of the 2nd Bolt Connection Conference 2014: Updated bolting guideline VDI 2230, part 2 | Maintenance Free Bolting | Reducing Alpha-A factors | Measuring preloads with ultrasonic bolt system and more. Find here all information and a PDF download of the program.

Designing bolted joints more compact, more efficient and more precise

This is the motto of the

2nd Bolt Connection Conference 2014
Wed., 29th October 2014
Conference venue Welcome Hotel Hennesee, Germany

Well-known speakers from all over Germany report about the latest technical innovations and new insights about bolt connections and bolting methods.


Efficiant bolt connections lead to economical benefits

Being the worldwide leading system supplier in bolting technology ITH continously invests into research and development of bolting tools and bolted joints. Our approach during the innovation process is always

  • We design technical efficiant bolt connections which have to lead to an economical benefit for our business partners

The 2nd Bolt Connection Conference 2014 provides an appropriate framework for this approach - added by the technical knowledge and competence of well known speakers from all over Germany.



Conference program

ITH recommends to use the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome for best compatibility using PDF files online.

As the conference language is German ITH offers to give you a free of charge  technical presentation at your site in other languages. 

Contact us for an appointment.



Speakers and topics of the 2nd Bolt Connection Conference 2014

Topic Speaker

Keynote speech: Meaning and relevance of protecting technical designs by patents in global markets

Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Freischem

Controlling the bolting procedure of the pole connection of generators in power stations by measuring the preloads by the use of an ultrasonic measurement system

Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Rüdiger Herzer

New insights regarding the bolt yielding according to bolting guideline VDI 2230

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Hohmann

Reducing the notch stress of dynamically stressed bolt connections by optimizing design parameters. Comparison by finite element method and increasing the cycles and the loading capacity

Dr. Jens Krieger

The updated guideline VDI 2230, part 2

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Willfried Lori

Optimizing the manual bolting procedure by the use of a flexible bolting system including an automatic bolt tensioning cylinder

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Müller

Attributes of technical designs based on DIN ISO 14405 – New options defining dimensional tolerances of linear dimensional deviation

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Schütte

Maintenance Free Bolting Solution: Project results from a long-term analysis on a 2,4 Megewatt wind turbine

Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Uphus

  • Maintenance free bolt connections on wind turbines: The innovative IHF Fastener system substitues conventional bolt connections.
  • Up to 40% higher preloads allow to use smaller bolt dimensions or designing bolt connections more compact. Both save costs.
  • All types of Bolt Tensioning Cylinders at a glance: fundamental single- and multistage designs, segment cylinders and segment cylinder rings, foundation bolt tensioners and more.

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