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Grand opening ceremony of the new ITH office in Shangai

ITH Bolting Technology grows in China


ITH Bolting Technology opens new doors to business in China. Together with best business partners and agents, families and friends ITH celebrated the grand opening of the new ITH location in Shangai.


Shanghai, China.

With an atmospheric opening cermemony the doors of the new facility were opened to continue the properous ITH business activities in China. The expansion is a strong foundation for further growth.

"My father Hans, my brother Frank and I – we are happy and proud to open the new ITH China office", said ITH Germany CEO Jörg Hohmann and had friendly words for Steven Yao, general manager of ITH China. "I’d like to thank Steven Yao and everybody in his team for their hospitality and their big efforts to run the office so positively over the years. The new office is a strong foundation to proceed the good work".


ITH Customer Focus: More space for faster service

The new facility in Shanghai offers significant more space and also allows for further expansion. Today the facility includes administration, technical sales and a technical service department with a wide stock for bolting tools, spare parts and rental tools. "This is not unimportant", explains ITH Germany CEO Frank Hohmann. "A high availability of spare parts lead to faster service lead to a better customer relationship".

This ITH customer focus is one of the company's fundamental goals and it is additionally promoted by numerous representatives who are located close to the industrial centres all over China.


ITH China stands exemplary for the successful long-term philosophy

ITH started its business in China in 1997. At that time Jörg Hohmann and Steven Yao met during a technical seminar in Tianjin. Two years later the first ITH China office opened in Shanghai. Winning important customers led to more growth and an increase of the staff to its current status.

"I’m also happy to be your host in China and hope you enjoy your business journey", said Steven Yao. The grand opening in China was also used for an international sales convention, which are organized regularly (ITH Bolting Days). "I’d like to thank our business partners and everybody at ITH for their trust, their cultural understanding and their support over the years", said Steven Yao, who stands exemplary for the continuous development strategy and a successful long-term management philosophy of ITH Bolting Technology. "We will work hard to continue the good business".

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