ITH donates 2,200.00 € for charity to „Gleam of Hope“


Initiated by the ITH staff, an amount over 1,031.65 € for the charity organization “Aktion Lichtblicke” (German words for “gleam of hope”) was collected.

Meschede | Germany.

During the first initiative in 2014 the amount of donation was  720.00 €.  This years donation  of 1,031.65 € was increased by the general management of ITH to a total donation of 2,200.00 € and goes to charity organization “Aktion Lichtblicke” (German words for “gleam of hope”) , who helps indegent people.

It was not only the ITH staff who gave a donation; also visitors of the headquarters of ITH Bolting Technology in Meschede, Germany had the chance to give support. In the entry area of the  ITH building a  so called „Donation-Candle“ – especially produced by the employees of ITH Bolting Technology – was set up and stimulated lots of visitors  to donate. 


Who benefits from the donation?

The donation is already transferred and goes to “Aktion Lichtblicke” which can be translated with “Project Gleam of Hope”. Since 1998, “Aktion Lichtblicke” supports children, adolescents and their families who have been in need physically, financially and mentally.

The organization is officially certified for its transparent work from the ‘German institute for social issues (DZI)’.

Aktion Lichtblicke

The charity organization “Aktion Lichtblicke” …

  • cares about children, for whom a hot meal a day is not self-evident,
  • enables handicap-fair conversations for seriously ill children,
  • financiers urgently needed treatments and therapies for children,
  • pays holidays for children who never had the opportunity to go on holiday,
  • spends hope, where despair is.  

Because of the numerous donations we could support the charity organization “Aktion Lichtblicke”!

Many thanks to all the donators! 

  • The ITH business activities are design, production, and sales of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric bolt tensioning tools for tightening and loosening industrial bolt connections from M16 (3/8") and up.
  • ITH continuously supports education and sports activities to contribute to society.
  • As a medium-sized family business in its second generation, ITH is not controlled by the development of objectives or quarterly numbers like large publicly owned companies.