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ITH News


  • Due to season's holidays the headquater of ITH Bolting Technology in Germany will be closed from Wednesday, 24th December 2014 to Sunday, 4th January 2015. During this period you can still reach us by phone in cases of urgency (+49 291 - 9962 - 555). We wish you happy season's holidays and all the best for the new year 2015!

  • ITH Bolting Technology donates to "Lichtblicke" charity organization: Initiated by the ITH staff 720,00 € were collected among the ITH employees. The general managemant doubled the amount to a total of 1.440,00 €. "Lichtblicke" (German words for "gleam of hope") is a charity organisation which helps indegent people.

  • The new updated version of the fundamental German bolting guideline VDI 2230, part 2 was highly anticipated by the audience of the 2nd Bolt Connection Conference in Meschede, Germany. This topic and more lectures about the calculation, control and design of bolted joints found a very positive response by nearly 80 participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.

  • For the 9th International Bolting Tool Conference "ITH Bolting Day 2014" ITH subsidiary in Chicago played host to over 70 international Engineers from the worldwide ITH network. At the converence lasting several days, ITH presented its most innovative and latest solutions in the field of bolting technology from M16 upwards.

  • Nine new apprentices started their apprenticeship at ITH Bolting Technology in Meschede, Germany. They started their education to become technical draftsmen, lathe and milling machine operators, industrial clerks and electricians. ITH General Manager Jörg Hohmann wellcomed the new colleagues to the ITH team.

  • The 7th ITH Hennesee Triathlon 2014 ended with a new track record achieved by Tobias Henne. The new champion is now the owner of the much desired winner's trophy "ITH Bolting Cup". More than 300 athletes participated the established sport event. Due to its good organisation the ITH Hennesee Triathlon is about to receive an official recommendation.

  • The 2nd Bolt Connection Conference 2014 takes place on Wednesday, 29th of October 2014. Find here all information and a PDF download of the program.

  • ITH Bolting Technology opens new doors to business in China.Together with best business partners and agents, families and friends ITH celebrated the grand opening of the new ITH location in Shangai.

  • An initiative of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce "World market leaders and best practice of the industries in Southwestfalia" shows: ITH Bolting Technology is among the "Hidden Champions".