Hydraulic pump Hydro-DAX 21

Electric hydraulic pump: Hydro-DAX 21


  • Fastest dual-hose electric pump
  • Designed for high oil flow rates

Weight optimized and fast

  • Best weight/ performance-ratio in the market


  • all ITH Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, most efficient use with dual-hose torque wrenches

Features, application and technical data of the Hydro-DAX 21

Technical data
  1. Oil bath - electric motor
  2. Ribbed tank & fan
    Efficient cooling of the oil bath motor.
  3. Pressure adjusting valve
    for smooth adjustment of the max hydraulic pressure
  4. Dual hose hydraulic connection
    High flow nipples and couplings offer high output
  5. High pressure gauge
    With protective rubber cover and multiple colored pressure scales (0 – 1000 bar)
  6. Strong aluminum frame
    Weight optimized, with lifting point.
  7. Voltage indicator light
    The indicator light alerts the operator of an improper power supply which can occur during field work with a generator.
  8. Cycle counter
    Display of pressure cycles offers easy information for tool management (backside).
  9. Oil level sight glass (behind the frame)
  10. Remote control
    Easy and fast one man operation of the pump with standard remote (10m)."
Hydro-DAX 21 together with ITH Hydraulic Torque Wrench CX 5

For series and service jobs

  • Weight optimized modular design
  • Suitable for on-site use with a maintenance friendly design

Design enables flexible usage

  • For high bolt cycles, series and service jobs, high cycles


  • The hydraulic pumps Hydro-DAX can be used with all ITH torque wrenches (1-hose or 2-hose system). With the ITH torque wrench type CX you can achieve a faster bolting speed by using the 2-hose system with the higher flow rate.

To tighten and loosen multiple bolts at the same time you can connect additional ITH torque wrenches in parallel. All torque wrenches will simultaneously output the same torque (ITH Multi Torquing). This provides an even tension to the joint and decreases the chances of leakage when the joint is used for sealing.


Hydrto-DAX 21

Order no..:


Max. hydraulic operating pressure

850 bar

Dimensions (L x W x H):

535 x 298 x 450 mm


35,0 kg (31,5 kg without oil)


Available motor data and specifications

Available voltages

90-110 V, 110 V, 190 - 230 V, 230 V, 380 - 420 V, 400 V, 480 V


1 or 3 phases


50 Hz, 50 + 60 Hz, 60 Hz


We reserve the right to make technical modifications and changes. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for custom designs.


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