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ITh Bolting Technology has acuired P.E.T, Torque Systems in South Africa.

ITH acquires P.E.T. Torque Systems in Vereeniging, South Africa


ITH Bolting Technology has acquired P.E.T. Torque Systems (Pty.) Ltd. based in Vereeniging near Johannesburg, South Africa. The existing branch office will be expanded to be the ITH main hub for the African continent.

According to the strategic goals the step-by-step acquisition process includes:

  1. Existing P.E.T. Torque Systems (Pty.) Ltd. customers, services and products will be handled by ITH Bolting Technology Africa (Pty.) Ltd.
  2.  P.E.T. products will be integrated into the ITH portfolio and undergo continuous developments like the ITH hydraulic torque wrench type DPX up to 150.000 Nm.
  3.  The P.E.T. Torque Systems (Pty.) Ltd. company and brand name will persist.

ITH hydraulic torque wrench type DPX

Benefits for existing partners

Our business partners in the African region will benefit from:

  1. Your contact person, Mr. Kobie Van Aarde, is close to you geographically – we offer technical consultation, bolting tool trainings, on-site services and more
  2.  Shorter delivery times
  3.  Higher spare part availability
  4.  Shorter tool maintenance turnarounds
  5.  High-quality services by trained specialists
  6.  Being a complete system supplier ITH offers a wide range of leading technical bolting solutions such as ITH Bolt Tensioning Cylinders, Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, Nut Runners and more.


Your contacts will remain the same - give us a call

ITH Bolting Technology Africa (Pty.) Ltd. | P. E. T. Torque Systems (Pty.) Ltd.


  • ITH Bolting Technology Africa (Pty.) Ltd.
    17 a, Telford Street, Duncanville,
    Vereeniging 1930
    South Africa

Your contact regarding technical sales:

  • Mr.   Dan Motha
    Technical Sales Manager
    Landline 1: +27 (0) 16 455 1730
    Landline 2: +27 (0) 16 421 1081
Your contact regarding service:
  • Mr.  Kobie van Aarde
    Service Manager
    Landline 1: +27 (0) 16 455 1730
    Landline 2: +27 (0) 16 421 1081

We were looking forward to continuing and expanding our business relationship.


Benefit from leading bolting tool solutions

  • All types of Bolt Tensioning Cylinders at a glance: fundamental single- and multistage designs, segment cylinders and segment cylinder rings, foundation bolt tensioners and more.
  • Overview of all types of hydraulic torque wrenches, working due to the torque method or torque-angle method.
  • Electric, pneumatic and battery powered torque wrenches which operate due to the torque method respectively to the torque-angle method.

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