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Guests from more than 25 nations excited by the new ITH facility in Meschede.

Worldwide ITH network meets in Meschede for the „10th ITH Bolting Day“


For the 10th international sales convention "ITH Bolting Day" at the new ITH headquarter in Meschede, Germany, ITH welcomed more than 50 guests from all over the world.


Meschede | Germany.

Latest bolting tool innovation and new-built ITH Bolting Technology head quarter in Meschede, Germany, was presented to more than 50 global ITH representatives from five continents when they came together for the “10th ITH Bolting Day” – an international technical sales convention. The members of the international ITH network were excited to see the modern and spacy new facility including a new logistic center and the research and development department.

Innovations, information & interaction: The concept of the ITH Bolting Days.

International network: ITH is close to customers worldwide


“Our international representations are an important part of our business strategy”, explains Frank Hohmann, who leads the family-owned business ITH Bolting Technology together with his brother Jörg Hohmann. “We think global and  act local. We are close to our customers in every market and thereby we can understand their demands better and deliver faster services and technical advice.”

ITH Germany general manager Frank Hohmann presents the new developments of bolting tools to the international guests.

That is also the reason for ITH to have opened three new subsidiaries during the last years: 

  1. ITH Middle East in Dubai
  2. ITH Australia
  3. ITH South Africa

“For our customers it is beneficial to have somebody located close to their countries or region, because this offers faster business processes in terms of tool maintenance, new tool availability or further services like on-site bolting service or tool trainings. Plus customers have one person in charge they can talk to”, Frank Hohmann says. 

“The design of our new facility in Meschede, Germany was made to match our international strategy. For example our new logistic center including half-automated storage systems provides faster procedures to support our international business partners”.


New ITH Bolting Tool Systems were presented

ITH Germany General Manager Jörg Hohmann gives a lecture about the new developments.

Next to the new facility the focus of the “10th ITH Bolting Day” was to present the latest technical innovations to the international ITH network. “There is nothing more useful than a first-hand impression which you have by yourself”, Frank Hohmann’s brother Jörg Hohmann explains. “That is the reason why we have prepared several so called test stands where all of our guests took the chance to work with our new tools and systems”.

These practical impressions were completed by more than 20 technical lectures which dealt with new product developments or exemplary technical projects. 

“These technical topics are meant to create a share of minds between all participants“, Frank Hohmann explains. “From earlier Bolting Days and the feedback from the participants we know that this concept turns out well.“  Earlier Bolting Days have taken place in Shanghai, China (2013) and Chicago, IL, USA (2014). The 11th Bolting Day is planned to be happening in Meschede, Germany in 2019, when ITH Bolting Technology celebrates its 40th anniversary. 

At a few test stations, the guests have seen how the new ITH products and solutions work.

About ITH Bolting Technology

  • Le attività commerciali ITH sono progettazione, produzione e vendita di tensionatori idraulici, pneumatici ed elettrici per stringere e allentare i collegamenti bullonati industriali da M16 (5/8") a salire.
  • ITH ha un forte legame con la regione Sauerland nel mezzo del Nord Reno-Westfalia, Germania e con Meschede stessa. Pertanto ITH sostiene continuamente l'istruzione pubblica e le attività sportive locali per contribuire alla società.
  • Come media impresa a conduzione familiare con la sua seconda generazione, ITH non mira a raggiungere degli obiettivi o numeri trimestrali come fanno le grandi imprese di proprietà pubblica.