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ITH Bolting Technology donates 1.440,00 € for charity

"Gleam of hope": ITH Bolting Technology donates 1.440,00 € for charity


ITH Bolting Technology donates to "Lichtblicke" charity organization: Initiated by the ITH staff 720,00 € were collected among the ITH employees. The general managemant doubled the amount to a total of 1.440,00 €. "Lichtblicke" (German words for "gleam of hope") is a charity organisation which helps indegent people.


"It is about the people we can help"

„This is not about us - we can stacy in the back. It is about the people we can help with this donation", explains Siegmund Pluta from the ITH staff in Germany, who had the idea to donate for charity. "It does not necessarily matter how much you give. Even if everyone only gives a little this can mean a lot to indegent people who need help".

Charity organization Lichtblicke e. V. "Gleam of hope - people need hope"

„We are happy to see that so many of us share this idea and that so much money came togehter", was added by Engelbert Marcal from ITH Germany. Togehter with Sigmund Pluta they promoted the idea to donate internally and received  recognition and good feedback. „It is a good sign that so many want to do something good", said Engelbert Marcal.

„We are happy and proud about this project“, explained ITH Germany general manager Jörg Hohmann, who runs the family business ITH Bolting Technology togehter with his brother Frank Hohmann.  „That is why we deceided to support it and to double the total donation amount from 720,00 € to 1.440,00 €“.

All initiators of the project appriciated everyone's efforts and would like to say: "Thank you!".


The charity organization "Aktion Lichtblicke" - Gleam of hope

The donation goes to German charity organization called "Aktion Lichtblicke" which can be translated with "Project Gleam of Hope". 

The organization is certified and rewarded for its transparent work from the "German instutute for social issues (DZI)". Until today a total amount of 999.431,83 Euro came together. The money is taken to support kids and other people who need help.

More information (German language only) can be found on:

"Aktion Lichtblicke" - organization's website


About the company ITH Bolting Technology

  • Le attività commerciali ITH sono progettazione, produzione e vendita di tensionatori idraulici, pneumatici ed elettrici per stringere e allentare i collegamenti bullonati industriali da M16 (5/8") a salire.
  • Come media impresa a conduzione familiare con la sua seconda generazione, ITH non mira a raggiungere degli obiettivi o numeri trimestrali come fanno le grandi imprese di proprietà pubblica.
  • ITH ha un forte legame con la regione Sauerland nel mezzo del Nord Reno-Westfalia, Germania e con Meschede stessa. Pertanto ITH sostiene continuamente l'istruzione pubblica e le attività sportive locali per contribuire alla società.