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Apprenticeship in Meschede, Germany: General Manager Frank Hohmann welcomes eight new apprentices at ITH Bolting Technology, the worldwide leading system supplier in bolting technology.

Apprenticeship in Germany: ITH Bolting Technology welcomes eight new young colleagues


At the headquater of ITH Bolting Technology in Meschede, Germany eight young people started their professional career with beginning their 3 or 4-year-apprenticeship.

Welcome to the team of ITH Bolting Technology!

„We all are very happy that you are with us now“, said ITH Germany general manager Frank Hohmann, who runs the family-owned business ITH in its second generation together with his brother Jörg Hohmann. „Everybody at ITH will support you on your way into your professional career". 

In Germany apprenticeships usually take 3 to 4 years and the trainees mostly start at the age of 16 after finishing school. During the apprenticeship they spent half of the time at school (job specific education) and 50 % on the job to gain practical education.


Gaining professional skills and values

However, Frank Hohmann pointed out that there are also new duties coming with the new part of their life. Next to professional knowledge the apprenticeship at ITH Bolting  Technology is  also value-driven:

  • responsibility
  • reliability
  • sense of order
  • accuracy 
  • timeliness

"These are key values for us and we  have chosen you because  we`re  confident  that you have those values", said Frank Hohmann.  "Those of you who also prove their  skills and diligence have all chances to make a career at ITH Bolting Technology. Many existing careers have shown that".


Apprenticeships at ITH Bolting Technology

The eight new apprentices will start their careers to be:

  • Lathe / Milling machine operators
  • Technical draftsmen ("technical product designers")
  • Electricians
  • Industrial clerks 
  • Office managers

Furthermore ITH Germany offers apprenticeships for 

  • logistic managers 
  • information technology specialists

The new apprenticeships

The new apprenticeships are (pictures from left to right):

  1. Kevin Kotthoff
  2. Alex Rapp
  3. Hamid Jano
  4. Anastasia Glatschenko
  5. Walter Friesen
  6. Can Acikalan
  7. Vjaceslav Voronzov
  8. Marcel Meyer

The ITH team worldwide welcomes their new colleagues!

  • Le attività commerciali ITH sono progettazione, produzione e vendita di tensionatori idraulici, pneumatici ed elettrici per stringere e allentare i collegamenti bullonati industriali da M16 (5/8") a salire.
  • ITH ha un forte legame con la regione Sauerland nel mezzo del Nord Reno-Westfalia, Germania e con Meschede stessa. Pertanto ITH sostiene continuamente l'istruzione pubblica e le attività sportive locali per contribuire alla società.
  • Come media impresa a conduzione familiare con la sua seconda generazione, ITH non mira a raggiungere degli obiettivi o numeri trimestrali come fanno le grandi imprese di proprietà pubblica.