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ITH Bolting Day 2014 Chicago: Über 70 Ingenieure aus aller Welt nahmen teil

9th International Bolting Conference: Bolting Day 2014 in Chicago


For the 9th International Bolting Tool Conference "ITH Bolting Day 2014" ITH subsidiary in Chicago played host to over 70 international Engineers from the worldwide ITH network. At the converence lasting several days, ITH presented its most innovative and latest solutions in the field of bolting technology from M16 upwards.

Chicago, IL, USA.

"Good job!" - "Gute Arbeit!" was the positive conclusion drawn after the ninth international bolting-technology conference "Bolting Day 2014" which took place for the first time in the USA. The participants travelled from 22 countries and four continents to the facilities of ITH Engineering Co. Inc.

Torque-angle tightening with ITH nut runners and ITH hydraulic torque wrenches

Presenting the latest innovations in bolting technology

The participating engineers first received detailed background information on the process involved in the development of the latest ITH bolting tools. Among the presented solutions were:

  • Automatic gear box "Autoshift" for electric torque wrenches (ITH Nut Runner series type EDS)
  • Automatic testing and calibration of all ITH bolting tools with the mobile ITH test devices. 
  • Double-staged hand lever pumps type "Lever-MAX", series 235 and 255.
  • Bolt Tensioning Cylinder ring with mounting device for the parallel and simultaneous bolting of 30 bolt connections of gas turbine rotor bolts.
  • And more

Automatic testing and calibrating of bolting tools with mobile ITH test devices


"i3"-concept takes effect

i-3 concept: innovation, information and interaktion in bolting technology

"Innovation, Information and Interaction in the field of bolting technology – the content of our "i3" conference concept has become established through success", said Frank Hohmann, Managing Director of ITH, explaining the topics on which the conference concentrated. The "Bolting Days" were first established in 2003.

Besides the contentual structure, the way in which the technology was presented locally found a positive response. "The successful combination of theory and practice – you really notice how much the participants appreciate this", said Frank Hohmann, who, with his brother Jörg, manages the company founded by their father.


"Hands on tools" - experience at first hand

In a series of 14 technical lectures, the participating engineers first received detailed background information on the process involved in the development of the latest ITH bolting tools. They were then able to gain a first-hand impression of the function and application of the new ITH bolting tools on nine specially constructed test benches. 

"Practical experience in working with the tools makes the content of the lectures come alive", said Jörg Hohmann, co-director of ITH, which is based in Meschede, Germany. "It also promotes a direct exchange of information between project leaders and engineers, which is extremely valuable".



"I would like to express my thanks to all those who made the conference possible in this form", said Frank Hohmann in his concluding speech, "especially our team here in the USA – you thought of everything". Matt Rasper, Managing Director of ITH Engineering Inc., USA added "We enjoyed playing host and hope you gained a good impression of ITH Engineering, Chicago and the USA".

  • Tutti i modelli di cilindri tensionatori in uno sguardo: esecuzione di base singolo stadio e multistadio, cilindri a segmenti e anelli di cilindri a segmenti, tensionatori per bulloni di fondazione ed altro ancora.
  • Chiavi dinamometriche elettriche, pneumatiche ed a batteria che operano con il metodo della coppia rispettivamente coppia-angolo.
  • Panoramica di tutti i modelli di chiavi dinamometriche idrauliche, che lavorano secondo il metodo della coppia o coppia-angolo.