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From left to right: Jürgen Lipke, Frank Hohmann, Garrelt Duin, Jörg Hohmann and Dirk Wiese.

NRW Minister of Economics Garrelt Duin compliments ITH Bolting Technology to be a prime example


During a visit at ITH Bolting Technology the Minister of Economics Garrelt Duin compliments ITH to be a prime example among the "hidden champions" of the region South-Westfalia, Germany.

Meschede  |  South Westfalia | Germany

"Global acting,  innovative, succesful , socially committed to the region and well connected",  summarized Garrelt Duin  after his visit at company ITH Bolting Technology.  He also  quoted ITH to be a "prime example" towards  a German newspaper.

Garrelt Duin is the  Minister of Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry of the German state North Rhine-Westfalia (NRW). Situated in the western part of Germany, NRW  is the biggest state in Germany by population (17.84 Mio people, status today).

"I  really like the way  ITH promotes  young professionals with  offering so many apprenticeships",  Garrelt Duin  pointed out. "Keep up this way of dual education".


Innovative hydraulic torque wrenches were tested by the minister

Innovative hydraulic torque wrenches from ITH were tested by NRW Minister of Economics Garrelt Duin (2nd person from right to left).

Guests at a regional economic convention in Meschede

The Minister of Economics visited Meschede for a regional economic convention, which was organized by the SPD (social democratic party). Just before the convention the minister visited ITH Bolting Technology together  with   Dirk Wiese, Member of the Parliament in Berlin and   Jürgen Lipke, who is the SPD-candidate of the upcoming Meschede town major elections.

ITH  Bolting Technology general managers Frank Hohmann and Jörg Hohmann  showed the ITH production to their guests to give them an impression of the ITH business.   The walkabout also included the testing and  inspecting the innovative ITH hydraulic torque wrench type CX and the ITH Nut Runner type EDS digital.

The Minister summarized: "ITH  is a highly innovative company. I'd like to thank everybody for these good impressions".

Hands on tools: NRW-Minister of Economics Garrelt Duin assures himself of the quality of the ITH Nut Runner type EDS digital

World leading system supplier in Bolting Technology: ITH

Since an initiative of the German Chamber of Industry an Commerce in 2013 ITH Bolting Technology is officially listed to be among the "world market leading companys" from South-Westfalia. 

Having more than 25 years  of expertise in  bolting tools,  engineering, fasteners and service ITH may  call itself "worldwide leading system supplier in bolting  technology".

Garrelt Duin complimented ITH Bolting Technology to be a "prime example" among the world leading companies from the area.

South-Westfalia: a strong economic region in Germany
ITH Bolting Technology is the worldwide leading system supplier in bolting technology

  • ITH ha un forte legame con la regione Sauerland nel mezzo del Nord Reno-Westfalia, Germania e con Meschede stessa. Pertanto ITH sostiene continuamente l'istruzione pubblica e le attività sportive locali per contribuire alla società.
  • Come media impresa a conduzione familiare con la sua seconda generazione, ITH non mira a raggiungere degli obiettivi o numeri trimestrali come fanno le grandi imprese di proprietà pubblica.
  • Le attività commerciali ITH sono progettazione, produzione e vendita di tensionatori idraulici, pneumatici ed elettrici per stringere e allentare i collegamenti bullonati industriali da M16 (5/8") a salire.