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The new public library was opened in Meschede

Creative contest: New public library was opened at the Ruhr promenade


Meschede | Germany. The winners of the Meschede city youth creative contest "We improve our city" saw their idea become reality: The young women Annalena, Anna und Ilka opened the new public library which was created together with ITH Bolting Technology.

In the following section  we would like to quote an article from the local Meschede newspaper "Westfalenpost".  We translated the text into English and added some parts for a better understanding. The original text can be found here   (German only).

"Public library and repair station for bikes"

Westfalenpost Meschede

"New furniture for Meschede 's new great room: The Ruhr promenade  - which is a new panorama way along the river Ruhr - was now added with a new public library and  a new bike repair station.

The idea behind the  public library: Take out a book for free , read it directly at the Ruhr river  and  place it back  into the library.  Alternatively  you can take out  a book and take it home with you -- but leave another book  in the library. This idea was created by Annalena Wolff, Anna Wiese, Ilka Schemme, Annabell Beste and  Jana Nonnweiler  within her group "Chasing the sun" which won  the last year's Meschede city youth  creative contest.

By winning the  "best idea award" hey  also won the extra award by the sponsor company ITH Bolting Technology which included the  tranformation  of the idea into reality. ITH general managers Frank and Jorg Hohmann  organized  a former public telephone box which was painted in company colours red and white and  designed by the five young women. They also added  quotes  from their favourite books on the  outside of the former telephone box. A crane now placed the  phone box  - the  public  library respectively - directly next to the  panorama way Ruhr promenade in the  city center of Meschede.

"We have created something everlasting for Meschede",  the girls said proudly as they will probalby leave Meschede city  for joyning a university soon. "The new public library will stay  as a memory on us".

Relevant offers for all ages

City-Manager Christina Henke from the Meschede town marketing does not worry about possible vandalism on the new public library: „The idea of this project comes from the youth - and the youth will take care about thelibrary and respect it". She adds. "I'm happy that the Ruhr promenade here in Meschede now offers a little bit for all ages". Meschede locals, external visitors,  young and old  can use the new offers on the Promenade ."

The winner's idea also covered turnable sunloungers


As you can see on the picture slide show above, the winner's idea from the five girls also covered  turnable sunloungers, which were installed next to the public library.  Both objects  are placed directly  next to the Ruhr river in the city center of Meschede.

Read more about the company ITH Bolting Technology

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