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ITH Bolting Day

12th ITH Bolting Day



After 4 ½ years, we hosted the 12th ITH Bolting Day in September 2023 in Meschede under the motto "ready to connect", thus celebrating a 20th anniversary at the same time. Since 2003, the ITH Bolting Days have been held to promote the global exchange of information and ideas and to drive innovation in bolting technology.
The continuous development of products for specific applications has been a key factor for ITH's impressive growth in recent years. This is also based on ITH's outstanding unique selling proposition as the world's leading system supplier. The company's structure enables it to set an application-specific focus, especially in the main industries of power generation, mechanical and plant engineering.
With more than 70 international participants from 26 nations from five continents, this event was undoubtedly a highlight. We were really thrilled by the very positive feedback on our new developments and our sales strategy.
A big thank you goes to all participants who made these days special, as well as to our organization team who made this event possible. We are already looking forward to the next ITH Bolting Day!

ITH Bolting Day
ITH Bolting Day

Here are a few impressions of the 12th ITH Bolting Day



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