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ITH Tool Trainings
ITH Tool Trainings

ITH training for all bolting tools and hydraulic accessories

Bolting tool trainings

3 trainings steps

The ITH bolting tool training programs deal with a relevant bolting equipment like:

  • hydraulic tools such as bolt tensioning cylinders
  • hydraulic torque wrenches
  • electric, pneumatic or battery-run torque wrenches
  • corressponding hydraulic equipment such as pumps, hoselines and further bolting accessories

To achieve the best possible learning success ITH combines theoretical knowledge in bolting technology with practice ("Hands on bolting tools"). Therefore ITH has designed a training program organized in three levels.

  • Level A: Basic User Training
  • Level B: Advanced User Training
  • Level C: Intensified Expert Training
ITH Bolting Tool Training - theoretical part

Efficient combination between theory and practice

All training levels start with transferring knowledge about common safety issues working with hydraulic equipment as well as technical and physical basic knowledge of bolting technology. Then all participants verify their knowledge with a practical session ("Hands on tools") - this combination offers the most effective learning success.
The theoretical backgrounds also improves both the proper every day handling of the tools (users) as well as the competence to asses tool repair or maintenance issues (tool managers).

Customized content and certification

After accomplishing a final test every participant gets certified. All training contents can be customized according to customers’ demands. Contact us for a detailed program of the contents of ITH tool trainings.

ITH Botling tool training - practical part

Advantages of the ITH tool trainings

ITH tool trainings promote the participants awareness of safety and maintenance issues using hydraulic and electric tools and accessories. This improved knowledge leads to higher quality and sustainable cost reductions for our business partners.

  1. Higher safety at work
  2. Higher availability and a longer lifetime of bolting tools and accessories due to proper handling of the tools
  3. Less maintenance costs and faster working procedures due to proper handling of the used equipment
  4. Quality improvement

Contact us for a detailed program of ITH tool trainings Level A, B and C. All contents can be modified to your needs.


Botling tool trainings and education: Contact ITH

ITH Bolting Tool Trainings
Contact us for a detailed overview of our training contents for training level A, B, and C.

Contact ITH for hydraulic tool trainings

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