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New hydraulic pump ITH Hydro-DAX V-series

Vertical design and maximum performance for hydraulic torque wrenches and general-purpose hydraulic jacks  of all brands up to 850 bar (12,330 Psi)

Tension & Torque tools

from M 16 (3/8'') and up
150 Nm – 130,000 Nm
88 kN – 50,000 kN

Maintenance free bolting

With IHF fasteners and ITH bolt tensioning cylinders - for steel construction or wind turbines


Class leading  power-to-weight ratio
High-capacity  5.2 Ah  Li-Ion battery
Brushless motor

ITH moves to new headquarter

One of the world's biggest competence centers for bolting technology worldwide

ITH Bolt Tensioning Cylinders overview

Hydraulic, friction- and torsion free tensioning with the ITH Stretch-Method - Fundamental and special designs, accessories.

Electric Nut Runner EDS digital

100 Nm - 13.000 Nm
Easy application management via digital display

New hydraulic pump ITH Hydro-DAX V-series
Tension & Torque tools
Maintenance free bolting
New: Smallest and lightest Battery Nut Runner up to 6,000 Nm
ITH moves to new headquarter
Bosphorus suspension bridges tightened precisely
ITH Bolt Tensioning Cylinders overview
Electric Nut Runner EDS digital

ITH - Serrage dynamométrique

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D’ici là vous pouvez utiliser notre site

Pour toute question concernant votre application de serrage, vous pouvez contacter notre bureau en France

ITH GmbH & Co. KG
Bureau représentant France
ZA la Charrière
70190 RIOZ

Responsable Mr. Nicolas Roy

Tel.: +33 (0) 3 84 91 99 37
Fax: +33 (0) 3 84 91 99 72

Votre équipe ITH

Trouvez la personne responsable de votre secteur à travers le monde.


Catalogue francais


Cles dés Serrage hydrauliques

Visseuses Dynamometriques

Eléments de fixation


  • Tutti i modelli di cilindri tensionatori in uno sguardo: esecuzione di base singolo stadio e multistadio, cilindri a segmenti e anelli di cilindri a segmenti, tensionatori per bulloni di fondazione ed altro ancora.
  • Chiavi dinamometriche elettriche, pneumatiche ed a batteria che operano con il metodo della coppia rispettivamente coppia-angolo.
  • Panoramica di tutti i modelli di chiavi dinamometriche idrauliche, che lavorano secondo il metodo della coppia o coppia-angolo.

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