Tension & Torque tools

from M 16 (3/8'') and up
150 Nm – 130,000 Nm
88 kN – 50,000 kN

2nd Bolt Connection Conference 2014

The updated bolting guideline VDI 2230 was presented exclusively among further latest insights in Bolting Technology

ITH Bolt Tensioning Cylinders overview

Hydraulic, friction- and torsion free tensioning with the ITH Stretch-Method - Fundamental and special designs, accessories.

Fastest torqing with the torque system x

Fastest dual-hose system: Hydraulic Torque Wrench type CX together with the ITH Hydro-DAX 18

Electric Nut Runner EDS digital

100 Nm - 13.000 Nm
Easy application management via digital display

Maintenance free bolting

With IHF fasteners and ITH bolt tensioning cylinders - for steel construction or wind turbines

Tension & Torque tools
2nd Bolt Connection Conference 2014
ITH Bolt Tensioning Cylinders overview
Fastest torqing with the torque system x
Electric Nut Runner EDS digital
Maintenance free bolting

Tension and torque tools to tighten and loosen bolted joints

Hydraulic, friction- and torsion-free tensioning: The ITH Stretch-Method explained in 49 seconds


Welcome to ITH Bolting Technology!


ITH is the worldwide leading system supplier in bolting technology from Germany

Based in Germany ITH Bolting Technology is a developer, producer and distributor of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric tension and torque tools for tightening and loosening bolt connections from M 16 (2/8'') and up. The bolting tool portfolio contains:

  • Hydraulic bolt tensioning cylinders (hydraulic bolt tensioners)
  • Hydraulic torque wrenches 
  • Electric, battery-run and pneumatic torque wrenches (ITH Nut Runner series) 
  • Electric, battery-run and pneumatic high pressure pumps
  • And more bolting solutions

The bolting tool portfolio also covers relating hydraulic equipment, digital testing and documentation systems and numerous customer specific bolting solutions. 

Being a whole system supplier ITH also offers leading capabilities in engineering, standard and special fasteners and wide-range bolting tool services

Browse our website to get a general idea and if you require advice regarding your bolt connection, contact us for your free of charge technical consultation. The consultation can be supported by an on-site inspection.

Offering all leading tightening techniques such as

  • Hydraulic, torsion- and friction-free tensioning
  • Torqueing method
  • Torque-angle method

we are able to advise you competently and objectively. We'll find the best technical solution which leads to your economic benefit.


ITH solutions for bolted joints in all industrial areas and applications