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ITH Bolting Technology company portrait

ITH is the worldwide leading system supplier in Bolting Technology

The ITH business activities are design, production, and sales of 

  • hydraulic bolt tensioning tools
  • hydraulic torque wrenches
  •  electric, battery-run and pneumatic power wrenches

and more innovative bolting solutions   for tightening and loosening industrial bolt connections from M16 (5/8") and up.  As a system supplier ITH also delivers standard and special fasteners, engineering, and many other bolting technology services.

ITH is a leading system supplier of bolting technology and operates worldwide.

ITH offers bolting tools, engineering, fasteners and bolting service


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ITH Connects - ITH Engineering Company Inc., USA

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Since 1979: Friction and torsion free pre tensioning as a foundation

ITH stands for Industrial Technical design Hohmann ("Industrie-Technische Konstruktionen Hohmann"). This was the name given to the company by Hans Hohmann when he founded it in 1979 in Meschede, Germany. Meschede is still the headquarter but ITH has more than 40 global representations worldwide. 

The first product marketed by the new company was a bolt-tensioning cylinder (BTC) working on this principle: the ITH Stretch Method (hydraulic, friction- free and torsion-free tensioning of bolts by hydraulic stretching of the bolt). With its high-accuracy (± 2,5 %), the bolt-tensioning cylinder is still one of the most accurate tools on the market for tightening large fasteners.

ITH is a system supplier operating worldwide

ITH Bolting Technology worldwide sales and service network

ITH is a family owned business in its second generation. Both sons Frank and Jörg Hohmann have built the tool making company into today's system supplier with a worldwide reputation. ITH operates 12 own technical sales and service subsidiaries in:

  • Spain, France, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Malaysia, India, Australia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Brazil and USA.

ITH guarantees proximity to the customer and fast service worldwide with more than 40 global locations in total.

ITH offers synergy effects as a system supplier

The quality of a bolted connection depends on several factors: machine design, fastener properties, bolting method, and tool use. As a whole system supplier, only ITH offers complete bolting solutions by considering all 4 core components:

  • Bolting Tools
  • Engineering
  • Fasteners
  • Service

These components are combined to create the best technical and most cost-effective solutions for customers.

4 core components of ITH Bolting Technology

ITH Customer Focus

ITH Customer Focus stands for:
All company activities are one hundred percent geared to the customer's requirements and the quality management guidelines according to DIN SO 9001. All production steps in the production processes from testing the raw material until the testing of the end product are carried out at the headquarters in Meschede (Germany). Therefore we have complete documentation and control of the whole production process.

ITH business partners - many market and industry leaders are using the quality and technical know-how of ITH.

Maximum flexibility through an in-house production rate of more than 90%

A high percentage of ITH bolting tools and solutions are designed to customer's specifications. Spare parts need to be available quickly worldwide which is guaranteed by:

  • A unique in-house production rate of more than 90% enables ITH to react quickly to demands for new tools and spare parts.
  • All bolting tools and hydraulic pumps are developed and produced by ITH which leads to fast delivery of spare parts.
  • ITH operates a worldwide network of subsidiaries with high stock capacities in the local markets.

ITH sets new quality standards as a pioneer in the market

Since 1995: ITH is a pioneer in quality management

In 1995 ITH was the first company in the market that was certified by the strict quality regulation of DIN ISO 9001. Parts of the certification include the design, production, sales and service of the bolting tools and accessories. 

Our promise to quality in every part of our product and company is held without compromise especially for our high end products and services.

Our production fulfills the environmental directive ISO 14001.

Read more about quality

Since 1995 ITH Bolting Technology is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 - a pioneer in the market
ITH Bolting Technology is UL certified

Innovation capability and customer benefits

Unique inovative capabilities with more than 200 patents

One of a kind ability to innovate: More than 200 nationally and internationally registered patents show our technical competence. Many of the ITH developed solutions are today an industry standard. The knowledge of more than 40 years is incorporated in the continuous innovation of new products.

We are still driven by the desire to innovate and we are developing the best technical solution that economically fits the customer's needs.

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Scope of Supply: Tools, Engineering, Fasteners, Service

  • Bolting tools
    Bolt tensioning cylinders; hydraulic torque wrenches; electric, pneumatic and battery nut runners; hydraulic high pressure pumps and accessories. Additionally ITH delivers subsea tensioners, hydraulic jacks, tension nuts, hydraulic nuts, nut splitters, torque angle tools, transport systems, lifting devices and various other tools/accessories. A high percentage of ITH tools are customized.
  • Engineering
    Customer and branch solutions, project engineering, special designs, finite element analysis of the bolt joint, R&D calculation for tools
  • Fasteners
    Bolts and nuts with various configurations, qualities and surface treatments, stress-optimized ITH round nuts RMS / RMZ, IHF-Stretchbolt and IHF-Roundnut (maintenance free bolted joints for wind turbines)
  • Service
    Rental tools, bolting tool trainings, customer service, on-site bolting service

Fields of application and references

Market and industry leaders worldwide trust in the know-how of ITH Bolting Technology


Innovative ITH bolting solutions are used in the following industry segments

Power Generation:

  • Gas & steam turbines
  • Wind turbines
  • Diesel & gas engines
  • Hydro energy
  • Power stations (including nuclear power stations)

Oil & Gas:

  • Pipe flanges
  • Compressors
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Bearings


  • Gear units
  • Steel mills
  • Bridges
  • Mining machinery / heavy machinery
  • Structural components
  • Cranes
  • Maritime and offshore industries

In addition we can work with any other applications which have bolted connections from M16 (5/'') and up. Market and industry leaders worldwide trust the quality and know-how of ITH.

Company ITH Bolting Technology: Related content

  • Since the beginnings in 1979 ITH has successfully implemented numerous individual bolting solutions for business partners and whole industries like transport and lifting devices, automation solutions, lifting or extraction tools, digital documentation, management systems and many more.
  • A lot of cooperative research has already been completed. We are working together with leading international technical institutions from Germany.
  • Check out latest news in bolting technology.

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