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ITH Fasteners: Bolts, nuts and washers

As a worldwide leading whole system supplier in bolting technology, ITH offers a wide range of fasteners. The scope of fastener supply includes bolts, nuts, and washers in different designs and configurations.

Designing bolted joints
Bolted joints can be designed by ITH. Being a whole system supplier ITH has the capabilities to consider more than only the joint itself during the design process: 

  1. Technical specifications
  2. Bolting method (torque or tension)
  3. Assembly restrictions

By considering the whole picture and with experienced know-how, ITH Bolting Technology designs technically efficient bolted joints. Technical specifications, bolting tools used, and the assembly restrictions are considered to create the best technical and cost-effective solution for customers.

Overview about ITH fasteners

  • ITH industrial fasteners M20 up to W510 (3/4'' up to 20'') in varius surface treatments | materials | configurations
  • Up to 40% higher preloads allow to use smaller bolt dimensions or designing bolt connections more compact. Both save costs.
  • Maintenance free bolt connections on wind turbines: The innovative IHF Fastener system substitues conventional bolt connections.
  • When retrofitting bolt connections to the hydraulic tensioning method a certain projecting thread above the nut is required. If not available this projecting thread can be achieved by the use of ITH Tension Nuts. Existing bolts can be kept and do not have to be replaced.

Complete sets of fasteners for industrial applications

ITH has the capacity to deliver complete sets of fasteners for different industry sectors.

ITH delivers complete fastener sets for all industrial areas

Comparison ITH Fasteners - Nuts

Comparison ITH Fasteners - Nuts

ITH Quality Management of fasteners

Options for fastener certification

High quality and traceability

The ITH quality-management system is certified according to the strict regulations of ISO 9001. This regulation specifies that the raw bar steel has to be supplied by reputable approved steel manufacturers, correctly heat-treated, tested, and ultrasonically inspected.

In order to guarantee traceability, each individual bar is subjected to spectrographic analysis before entry into our stock.

In the case of special alloys or special customer requirements, the steel supplier receives a specification which must be met. The supplier's certificates are checked for compliance with the order specification, and if the result of the spectrographic analysis is satisfactory the material is released for storage or production.

At ITH, safety-critical fastening elements are tagged with a special number code which makes it possible to trace the material back to its producer. Depending on customer requirements, acceptance testing can be carried out at ITH by any of the following organizations:

  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  • Germanischer Lloyd (GL)
  • Bureau Veritas (BV)
  • Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV)
  • Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
  • Lloyds’ Register (LR)
  • Maritime Register of Shipping (RS)
  • and more

Contact your local person in charge

Contact ITH for a free consultation regarding bolting tools, fasteners or service in bolting technology

Use the ITH global network to find your local person in charge.

Objective technical advice

Being a whole system supplier we are not determined to one specific bolting method - Therefore we advise you objectively and offer the best technical and cost-effective solution.

Contact us for a free consultation

Contact us on any questions regarding your bolt connection or for any technical questions. We advise you free of charge and offer a free on-site inspection.


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