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ITH assembly service on bolted joints
ITH assembly service on bolted joints

With more than 500 successful on site jobs worldwide the ITH service team has proven to be reliable and fast

ITH bolting service on sites

Reduction of costly downtimes with qualified ITH bolting service

ITH has proven to be a reliable partner for bolting services (in-field services) with more than 500 successful on-site bolting jobs just on gas and steam turbines worldwide. The ITH bolting service staff provides:

  • safe work on-site according to the local safety regulations of the specific country
  • reliable and competent conduct
  • fast completion of the job
  • professional use of hydraulic bolting tools and bolting tool accessories

In addition to gas and steam turbine work, ITH does assembly jobs in nearly all other industry sectors successfully and reliably. During maintenance or new machine installation, the ITH service staff has proven to reduce cost-intense downtimes significantly time and time again.


In-field service on bolted joints: Contact ITH

Bolting service worldwide
Contact ITH and benefit from a reliable, worksafe and fast team for bolting jobs on bolt connections.

Contact ITH for assembly services in bolting technology

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