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ITH Micro-MAX 72
ITH Micro-MAX 72

Battery version
Independent of any external power supply
Option with transport backpack

ITH Travel-MAX 41
ITH Travel-MAX 41

Pneumatic Unit
Integrated into stable trolley suitcase
Up to 2500 bar


Fast pressure build-up
with the Hydro-Booster technology
up to 3000 bar

ITH Aero-MAX 9
ITH Aero-MAX 9

Optional mit 4-fach Kupplungsverteiler
zum simultaten Anziehen von Schraubverbindungen
(ITH Multi-Tensioning) bis 4.000 bar

High pressure hydraulic pumps for bolt tensioning cylinders

Series of electric hydraulic pumps

  • Most powerful electric pump series with ITH hydro-booster technology for fast pressure build-up, pressure ratings up to 3000 bar.
  • Electric and battery powered compact high pressure hydraulic pump series for service and maintenance jobs.
  • Electric high pressure hydraulic pump Eco-MAX series: Basic unit for standard applications with bolt tensioning cylinders.

Series of pneumatic hydraulic pumps

  • Pneumatic hydraulic pump series, driven by air pressure, pressure ratings up to 4,000 bar.
  • Pneumatic high pressure hydraulic pump integrated in stable case-trolley.

Series of hand lever hydraulic pumps

  • Manual hand lever hydraulic pumps for service jobs, available as compact design Mini, pressure ratings up to 3,000 bar

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