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Project Engineering

Infographic Project Engineering in screw

ITH project engineering: implementing customer specific solutions in bolting technology

Since the beginnings in 1979  ITH has successfully implemented numerous individual solutions for business partners and whole industries. For example: transport and lifting devices, automation solutions, lifting or extraction tools, digital documentation, management systems and many more. Those innovative devices have led to significant time and cost reductions for customers because they provide higher efficiency. They speed up processes and make bolting jobs easier and safer.

Bolting project process

Here is a sample process of ITH project engineering:

  1. Contact
    to business partner: competent, objective consultation
  2. Analysis
    of the bolted joint / the task / the application
  3. Development of a solution
    by the ITH design department
  4. Result
    The best technical and most cost effective solution for customers.

Advantages of ITH project engineering

Benefits of ITH Project Engineering

Optimized bolted joint design, innovative bolting tools, or customer-specific solutions lead to cost reductions.

The most cost saving options are achieved by:

  1. Time saving
    (faster bolting procedures, less total assembly time and/or maintenance procedures, reduced costly downtimes of machinery)
  2. Optimized flange design by small alpha-a factors up to 1.1
    By achieving small alpha-a factors up to 1.1 , ITH bolting solutions offer:
    a.) higher pre-tensioning forces when the bolt sizes and flange dimensions are unchanged
    b.) unchanged pre-tensioning forces with smaller bolt sizes and flange dimensions (example: substitution of M72 by M64 with a higher bolt spacing t) which leads to significant cost reductions 
  3. Higher working safety
    with patented ITH safety features and easier handling
  4. Customer specific solutions
    Specific bolting tools like lifting/extracting /spreading devices, hydraulic jacks, automated solutions, or customer-specific management software

Examples of ITH project engineering

Exemplary examples
Digital input and management systems 
Documentation system for bolting technology 
Transport and lifting devices 
Test and calibration systems 
Sample Projects 
Patented Safety Features  

ITH Autostretch: robot supported automation solution for Bolt Tensioning Cylinders

Application: Automatic tensioning of all bolt connections of wind turbines for high volume production (Bolting slew bearings to the hub).

  • Automatic identification of bolts with a 3D camera system and automatic processing
  • Automatic tensioning of bolt connections by Auto-BTC with safety management
  • Automatic control of hydraulic pumps with the ITH-APC-Control (Automatic Pressure Control)
  • The ITH Autostrech was developed with the Center for Mechatronics and Automatisation ZEMA in Saarbrücken (Zentrum für Mechatronik und Automatisierungstechnik).
Digital input and management systems
Digital input and management systems

ITH develops its own digital input and management systems. For example:

 Documentation system for bolting technology
Documentation system for bolting technology

Documentation systems to manage and control all bolting applications

Transport and lifting devices
Transport and lifting devices
  • Several high performance transport and lifting devices with capacities up to 350 kg and more
  • Mounting systems, e.g. for Bolt Tensioning Cylinders on wind turbines or flange cover lifting devices
  • Organization: ITH shop trolley systems
Test and calibration systems
Test and calibration systems

ITH mobile test stands to test tension and torque tools on site, available for:

  1. Bolt Tensioning Cylinders
  2. Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
  3. Nut Runner
  4. Hydraulic pumps

Overview of all test and control systems

Sample Projects
Sample Projects
  • Numberous customer and industry solutions
  • Several industry specific projects which reduced assembly times significantly
  • Development of handling systems
  • Cost reduction at wind turbines by using a maintenance free bolt connection by IHF
  • Many more projects

ITH project engineering

Patented Safety Features
Patented Safety Features
  • Patented cacle counter, patented safety fracture device, patented protection handle for Bolt Tensioning Cylinders
  • Safety spring for high pressure hoses
  • Safety pump control
Digital input and management systems
Documentation system for bolting technology
Transport and lifting devices
Test and calibration systems
Sample Projects
Patented Safety Features

Synergy effects from a whole system supplier

The technical and economical efficiency of a bolted connection depend on 4 major factors:

  1. Design elements
  2. Fasteners
  3. Bolting method (tensioning, torqueing, others)
  4. Assembly procedure

Being a whole system supplier only ITH Bolting Technology analyzes the whole picture. We have the capacity to configure the factors among each other for the best technical and most cost-effective solution for our business partners. One factor affects others positively: That is what we call technically efficient.

Efficient screw through consideration of four factors

Overview all ITH industry solutions

ITH has developed several solutions for all industries like

  • power generation inustries
  • maritime and offshore
  • machines and more
ITH delivers bolting tools for all industries

Contact your local person in charge

Contact ITH for a free consultation regarding bolting tools, fasteners or service in bolting technology

Use the ITH global network to find your local person in charge.

Objective technical advice

Being a whole system supplier we are not determined to one specific bolting method - Therefore we advise you objectively and offer the best technical and cost-effective solution.

Contact us for a free consultation

Contact us on any questions regarding your bolt connection or for any technical questions. We advise you free of charge and offer a free on-site inspection.


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  • Electric, pneumatic and battery powered torque wrenches which operate due to the torque method respectively to the torque-angle method.
  • Overview of all types of hydraulic torque wrenches, working due to the torque method or torque-angle method.

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