ITH testing and controlling systems
ITH testing and controlling systems

Digital documentation system PD / PSD and mobile test stands for all bolting tools

Testing and controlling systems for bolting tools


Digital documentation of bolting procedures


Testing Bolt Tensioning Cylinders on site


Testing and calibrating Nut Runners on site

  • Testing and calibrating Nut Runners on site with the mobile test stand
  • Testing and controlling torque values during the tightening process with all types of ITH Nut Runners: Documentation of the applied torques with the battery-run Torquemeter.

Testing Hydraulic Torque Wrenches on site


Contact and technical consultation in bolting technology

Contact ITH for a free consultation regarding bolting tools, fasteners or service in bolting technology

All information at a glance

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Objective technical advice

Being a whole system supplier we are not determined to one specific bolting method - Therefore we advise you objectively and offer the best technical and cost-effective solution.

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Contact us on any questions regarding your bolt connection or for any technical questions. We advise you free of charge and offer a free on-site inspection.


Testing and controlling systems: Related products

  • All types of Bolt Tensioning Cylinders at a glance: fundamental single- and multistage designs, segment cylinders and segment cylinder rings, foundation bolt tensioners and more.
  • Electric, pneumatic and battery powered torque wrenches which operate due to the torque method respectively to the torque-angle method.
  • Overview of all types of hydraulic torque wrenches, working due to the torque method or torque-angle method.