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Customer service
Customer service

Fast and competent tool maintenance, calibration service, spare part delivery

ITH customer service for Bolting Tools

ITH customer service includes:

  • Fast maintenance & repair service
  • Spare part deliveries
  • Bolting tool calibration
  • On-site customer service

ITH offers maintenance and calibration services for ITH bolting tools, accessories, or complete bolting-tool-sets. Services are handled quickly, reliably, and are recorded internally. Tool calibrations are certified. ITH tool service can be carried out at worldwide ITH facilities or at customer’s sites. 

Depending on the country  ITH tool service can be carried out on-site at the customer in one of our ITH service vans.

Fast spare part availability worldwide

Customers demand spare parts quickly. ITH guarantees high quality and availability of spare parts worldwide by high stock capacities in local markets and a unique in-house production rate of more than 90%.

Service formsheet

To promote an optimal process  regarding 

  1. bolting tool maintenance or
  2. rental tools 

you are free to use our supporting document. 

Service Support

Before filling the PDF formsheets directly on screen we recommend downloading the document to your harddrive for best PDF compatibilty.




Advantages of a traceable maintenance management service

Maintaining bolting tools and accessories on a regular maintenance schedule is important to:

  1. guarantee their proper condition, which improves their availability
  2. promote a safe work environment for the user
  3. increase the lifetime

All these advantages save costs. 

The maintenance intervals of bolting tools depend on their use. To offer traceability of their use ITH developed the patented cycle counter for Bolt Tensioning Cylinders as well as integrated cycle counters for Nut Runners and hydraulic pumps. 

All maintenance services on bolting tools at ITH are handled quickly and reliably. Certifications for tools calibrations are included.


Contact us for customer service

Customer service
ITH likes you to offer the best possible customer contact. Contact us regarding bolting tool maintenance, bolting  tool calibration or spare part delivery.

Contact us by call, email or use our contact sheets


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