Bolted joints on applications in hydro energy related industries: All bolting tools and solutions

Hydropower: bolt connections and relating tension and torque tools

Hydropower is power derived from the energy of falling or running water. Hydroelectricity is also an often used term used to describe this kind of power generation.

For nearly all kinds of bolt connections in this industrial area ITH delivers tension and torque tools as well as corresponding hydraulic equipment or engineering (designing bolted joints).

Typical applications for bolting tools are in:

  • Water power stations
  • Pumped storage hydro power plants
  • Tidal power plants
  • Hydro turbines
  • Generators
  • Low-, mid- and highpressure pumps or pump stations
  • Turbines (ITH is the world market leader to tighten and loosen bolts of turbines)

Find below an overview of examples of all bolting tools and solutions for bolted joints on components in hydroenergy sector.

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Bolted joints in hydroenergy: Examples of bolting tools and solutions

Application / Bolted joint ITH bolting tools, solutions and equipment

Turbine bolt connections

Generator bolt connections

  • Hydraulic tensioning with ITH bolt tensioning cylinders type MS and type ES

Pump bolt connections

Pole bolt connection

Kaplan turbines (tube turbine)


All other bolting applications bigger than M16 (2/8'')

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Bolting equipment for the Three Gorges Dam in China

One of the biggest ITH projects in hydroenergy was the delivery of bolting equipment for the biggest dam worldwide: The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China. For this project ITH delivered:

  • The design of the bolt connections
  • bolts M 245 (104 '')
  • Large scale bolt tensioning cylinders type ES 160 (63'') and type ES 320 (126'')

ITH body bound fitted bolts M245 for hydroturbines

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Tension and torque tools for hydroenergy: relating content

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