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ITH Torquemeter for Nut Runners
ITH Torquemeter for Nut Runners

Measure and check torques during the fastening process.

ITH Torquemeter for Nut Runners

Torquemeter for ITH Nut Runners

ITH Torquemeter
Accredited precision by the German Accreditation Body DAkkS

Measuring and testing

  • of the applied torque values and torque angles during the bolting process
  • for torque ranges from 125Nm up to 6.000Nm


  • Clear display of the torque values

Mobile usage

  • Ready for on site use including integrated battery
  • Available with 110V or 230V

Certified precision

  • Accredited by the strict regulations of the German Accreditation Body DAkkS (former DKD)

Features, applications and technical data of the Torquemeter

Features and functions
Technical data
The sensor of the torquemeter adapts on every ITH Nut Runn

Torquing system
During the torquing process the preload force can vary from bolt to bold. This depends on several factors like the friction between the thread of the bolt and nut, the friction between the surface and the nut, the torsion load of the bolt and material specific factors.

Controlling the pre-load forces
The applied pre-load forces can be measured and controlled by the ITH Torque Tester. Therefore a sensor can be adapted easily between the ITH Nut Runner and the torqued nut. The fine toothed housing provides an easy connection. The socket will be secured on the sensor with a safety pin.

Measuring pre load forces and torque angles

Measuring the applied pre-load forces and torque value using the Torquemeter together with this ITH Nut Runner EDS α 75 on the bolt connetions of this generator foot. The sensor of the Torquemeter can easily be positioned in between of the Nur Runner gear box and the socket. The digital display gives a direct feedback about the applied forces.

Dimensions and indexes of the Torquemeter
ITH type ITH order no,. Torque ranges B1 L H B2 D ⌀



125 Nm to 2.500 Nm

315 mm

290 mm

116 mm

230 mm

89 mm



300 Nm to 6.000 Nm

315 mm

290 mm

116 mm

264 mm

115 mm


The square drive dimension is  1 1/2 '' and can additionally be adapted.


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  • Electric, pneumatic and battery powered torque wrenches which operate due to the torque method respectively to the torque-angle method.