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Mechanical Nut Runner MDS
Mechanical Nut Runner MDS

Manual torque multiplier
1500 Nm to 10,000 Nm

Mechanical Nut Runner MDS

Mechanical Nut Runner MDS

Handheld torque multiplier: ITH mechanical nut runner
  • Torque multiplier including safety design: Over-load protection by a shear pin
  • Power classes up to 10,000 Nm
  • Flexible use: Ready for on-site construction, various sockets are available


Features and technical data of the mechanical Nut Runner MDS

Technical data
Features and dimensioning of the mechanical nut runner


  1. Square drive (above) 1/2''
  2. Backstop can be switched for tightening or loosening (L / R)
  3. Over-load protection by a shear pin
  4. Planetary gearbox for multiplying of the torque value
  5. Fine-toothed housing for ideal positioning of the reaction arm in 360°. Ideal for the swivel foot, Twin reaction arm or special reaction arms.
  6. Square drive A (down) 1'' or 1 1/2'', with this various sockets can be used (hexagon sockets, hexagon drives, and more).

The manual torque multiplier type MDS is driven by a handheld torque wrench, switchable backstop in the picture at the down side (L/R).

Design feature backstop
MDS - dimensions and features
Technical data for ITH mechanical Nut Runner MDS

We reserve the right to make technical modifications and changes. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for custom designs.


ITH Hand Torque Wrenches

Features and technical data
ITH manual torque wrenches

Controlled tightening and loosening of bolts from 10 Nm to 1.250 Nm


  1. Torque value and micro meter scale at the handle
  2. Access system delivers a feel and hearable reaction signal
  3. Ergonomic plastic handle
  4. Rectangle socket at the head of the ratchet
  5. Right and left turning for tightening and loosening
  6. Various inserts are available
Table of technical data

Product description

Mechanical Nut Runner MDS

For manual tightening and loosening of bolt connections up to 10,000 Nm. All ITH nut runners operate by the torque method.


All ITH nut runners use a planetary gearbox. All nut runners are divided by their size and torque multiplying set in various types. The reaction arm of every type has a fine-toothed connection; this is adjustable in every way and can be customized on your needs.

Safety equipment

To avoid overload of the maximum torque an overload protection (shear pin) is used inside the square drive. The back stop stops the turning back of the bolt. It can be switched for tightening or loosening.
Various sockets are available from ITH (hexagon sockets, hexagon drives, and many more). All the inserts can be changed individually by removing the security clip. More information is available in the accessories section for nut runners. Accessories for Nut Runners.

Function description

The primary torque values from the manual nut runner are shown in the data table. The switch of the back stop switch has to be set to loosen or tighten (L/R). It is necessary to put the reaction arm in a secure position before using the tool.

If you have any technical questions please contact us.


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Handheld torque multipliers: corresponding equimpent

  • Side-drives, extensions, various inserts, and special reaction arms
  • Electric, pneumatic and battery powered torque wrenches which operate due to the torque method respectively to the torque-angle method.

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