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Successful graduates of the „ITH Fachwirt Maschinenbau“: Twelve ITH employees together with ITH-Director Frank Hohmann (8. f. l.)  and the referents Georg Kaiser (6th  f. l.) and Herbert Heinemann (10th  f. l.) .

Twelve employees are now certified 'ITH Technical Engineers'


ITH invests into employee qualification continously: Twelve employees from administrative departments have now been certified as "ITH Technical Engineers". They are already the third generation who have gained this additional technical qualification.

Meschede | Germany.

After accomplishing several technical  in-house  training courses over the last weeks, the graduantes now hold their ITH diplomas  the   in their hands. 

"The 'ITH Technical Engineer' degree is an additional qualification program, which was designed by  ITH together with experienced technical trainers. The target is to encourage the technical knowledge of the ITH staff of the administrative area of our company." explains ITH general manager Frank Hohmann, who leads the family-owned company together with his brother Jörg Hohmann. 


Business partners benefit from employee qualification

"For us - as a technical focused engineering company -  it is important that the employees in the administration are also know, understand and assess technical issues to a certain grade.  We want them to be able to evaluate technical issues and work on  solutions as idependently as possible”, Frank Hohmann adds. 

„By this method  we can speed up our processes and increase the high level of technical consulting  – so the investment in the qualification of our employees is a direct benefit towards our business partners.”


Technical basics from manufacturing techniques to tool techniques

In more than 25 training lessons  – each time after the regular working time – the experienced referents tought technical basics to the participants. The contents  included for example 

  • reading and using technical drawings
  •  basics of manufacturing techniques
  • material techniques and 
  • machine and tool techniques. 

To receive graduation employees had to pass the final exam with a result of at least 75%. However, most participants finished with of more than 90%. “The results are very pleasant and show, that our educational goals were achieved.” Frank Hohmann says.


Various ITH employee qualification programs

This year's  `ITH Technical Engineers` represent the third generation of graduates, which underlines that employee qualification is an ongoing process at ITH. The ITH employee qualification programs also cover further courses like for example „ITH production lessons“ for industrial trainees, certification courses for employees dealing with air freight, extended supportive courses for trainiees, courses to be  licensed running  forklifts  and storing good, a training for electro technically trained persons (EUP) and many others.

About ITH Bolting Technology

  • The ITH business activities are design, production, and sales of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric bolt tensioning tools for tightening and loosening industrial bolt connections from M16 (5/8") and up.
  • ITH continuously supports education and sports activities to contribute to society.
  • As a medium-sized family business in its second generation, ITH stands for sustainability, continuous development, high technical quality and customization (customer focus). Join our team.

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